One Direction At The 2015 Billboard Music Awards Proves The Now Group Of 4 Is Still As Precious As Always

It's been a weird year for the British boys heard round the world (a good portion of my acquaintances still mourning Zayn Malik's abrupt but understandable departure). But One Direction at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, well, seems to be doing OK. In what's undoubtedly a smart move, 1D announced that they'd be presenting at tonight's awards (where they're also nominated for Top Artist, Top Duo/Group, Top Billboard 200 Artist, and Top Touring Artist), and the band is reminding us that their solidarity is strong. They lost a good mate, but they're not going to quit. And isn't the whole boy band thing all about solidarity and tackling all the BS the world has to offer with a team of buddies at your side? Or... something like that?

In their usual coordinated-but-not-matching ways, the boys of 1D are wearing mostly black-on-black trousers and jacket combos with either tees or button-downs, and solidifying their status as No. 1 Tween Heartthrobs Circa 2015. While there's a whole heap of sexist ways involved in traditional red carpets, with women being expected to go all out in haute couture masterpieces, discussing their clothes, while men can don, um, regular black suits and discuss their work, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan at least all made something of an effort... I think?

Harry, of course, was the most adventurous of the foursome, with his shoulder-length locks and more luxe jacket and raggamuffin vibes. Louis wore an outer space tee (could this mean he's a fellow sci-fi nerd?!). Liam donned, well, a blue and white scarf. And Niall went a little more menswear's-equivalent-of-glam with a white button-down. Groovy.


Although all this is still kind of meh compared to outfits women tend to wear on the red carpet, there's certainly no shortage of personality tonight. I mean, 1D is, well, cute. So I'm sure their fan base will be proud as always.

Images: Getty