Jared Padalecki Cancels Appearance At 'Supernatural' Event & The Reason Is Admirable — UPDATE

Ever since his days as Dean on Gilmore Girls, Jared Padalecki has had a loyal following. (Despite what those Team Jess insisters may say!) After that show ended, he began starring on another CW series — Supernatural . Currently in its 10th season, the show's cast recently appeared at the Jus In Bello Convention (or JIBCon), a three-day convention in Italy this weekend. However, there was something missing... Jared Padalecki was absent and shared the reason why on Twitter.

(Update: Jared Padalecki's manager released a statement to Zap2It explaining that the actor was "suffering from exhaustion." In addition, Padalecki shared another message thanking fans for their support on his Facebook page.)

The actor told his fans:

Dear #JIBCON and #AHBL6. I am in desperate and urgent need of my family. I am so sorry to tell you this but I must head home. I need all of the love I can get right now. Please please give me a few seconds of your time and write me. #AlwaysKeepFighting

The hashtag #AlwaysKeepFighting is a reference to a t-shirt campaign Padalecki launched to raise money for the organization To Write Love On Her Arms, which supports people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. In a March interview with Variety, the actor opened up about struggling with depression, saying,

I, in the past, have had my own struggles of not [being] so happy with where I am in life... Season 3 [of Supernatural], we were shooting an episode, and I went back to my trailer to get changed and just kind of broke down.
A doctor came to set and talked to me for about 30 minutes or 45 minutes and said: 'Jared, I think you’re clinically depressed.' ... It kind of hit me like a sack of bricks... I was 25 years old. I had my own TV show. I had dogs that I loved and tons of friends and I was getting adoration from fans and I was happy with my work, but I couldn’t figure out what it was; it doesn’t always make sense is my point. It’s not just people who can’t find a job, or can’t fit in in society that struggle with depression sometimes.

While this may not necessarily be the reason he skipped JIBCon (since he didn't say), it's still admirable and courageous that he's so open with his fans about needing to take a break for his own well-being. Self-care is so important, which includes knowing when to step back.

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As for JIBCon, a fan shared a video from the event where Supernatural's Jensen Ackles spoke from the heart about Padalecki's absence. Ackles said,

It happens to the best of us. As I've told some of you before, he's a big guy with a big heart and sometimes he just doesn't know when to stop giving himself. He gives himself a lot to what he does... Sometimes you just need to get home and rest with your family. That's what he's doing... Just know that he is ever-present on this stage with us.

Watch the full clip below:

Dudeawsomeshower on YouTube

On Twitter, fans have been showing an outpouring of love and support to Padalecki by using the #AlwaysKeepFighting hashtag. Here's wishing Jared all the best during what appears to be a tough time!

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