What Is Sermet's On 'Southern Charm'? This Fine-Dining Restaurant Is the Perfect Place For Thomas' Election HQ

The Southern Charm Season 2 finale will cover Thomas Ravenel's unsuccessful Senate bid, as all of his castmates join him, once again, at Sermet's. And now that the season is coming to an end, there's one question left, and that's what exactly is Sermet's, and why did T-Rav choose it as his campaign headquarters? Well, Sermet's is a fine dining restaurant in Charleston. It's known for things like its delicious Mediterranean cuisine, its gorgeous views, and its perfect Southern atmosphere. Things it isn't known for? Its suitability for a wannabe senator's Election HQ. But what could be more appropriate for Thomas' campaign than to finish everything off by watching himself lose in a fancy restaurant with the rest of the Southern Charm cast by his side?

It's the perfect way for the season to go out, especially since so much of it revolved around Thomas' campaign. Whitney directed the campaign ads, leading to the "Raise the Roof" disaster. That ad helped to torpedo Thomas' romantic relationship with Kathryn, who then spent a night with Craig that could have possibly been romantic, though Cameran insists it wasn't. It's been at the center of the season. And there are plenty of ways that Sermet's is the perfect place for Thomas to celebrate the ending of another season of Southern Charm, because it's basically T-Rav in restaurant form.

It's Secretly A Chain

Just as Thomas is dime a dozen among the sons of successful southern gentry, there are two Sermet's locations. Thomas' favorite is Sermet's Downtown, for what it's worth.

It Looks Incredibly Classy

Thomas: picture perfect Southern Gentleman. And similarly, Sermet's decor makes it look like the perfect Southern dining room, with its white tablecloths and heavy cutlery.

It's The Next Best Thing To His Estate

While Thomas usually tries to go home when things go bad (like when he faced the assault allegations), it seems like when he has to stay in the city, Sermet's is his chosen escape. It's his home away from Kathryn.

It Was Recently Updated

According to The Charleston City Paper, the decor was changed considerably in the last few years: "Out went the bright, funky paintings and Bohemian decor and in came the trappings of more elegant fine-dining," just as Thomas tried to shed his partying reputation by getting a neat haircut and wearing polo shirts.

The Drinks Are Its Strongest Suit

OK, I haven't been there, so I don't know for sure if the drinks are better than the food. But with names on its drink menu like "Charleston Sipper" and "Take Me On a Carriage Tour!" it seems like there's nothing that could possibly best them, just as T-Rav's partying ways are his most defining feature portrayed on SC.

Oh, And Sermet's Loves Southern Charm

Just like Thomas seems to love being a TV star far more than he ever appreciated being a politician, JD, who owns Sermet's with his wife, loves being on the show. JD's Twitter account is devoted to 24/7 Southern Charm updates. So the love between Thomas Ravenel and his Election HQ, Sermet's Downtown, is mutual.

If you're planning a Southern Charm tour, I guess you know where you need to start, eh?

Image: Paul Cheney, Charles Sykes/Bravo; Bricesander, Illegalin48States/Tumblr