We Still Love These Early Mariah Carey Hits

Remember that one Mariah Carey song where she hit, like, every note imaginable? Of course you do, because Carey does that in pretty much every hit she puts out. As much as I love Mimi and her Rolodex of catchy hits, I shy away from picking any of her songs during my weekly karaoke endeavors. I envision that any point where one of her infamous whistle tones came up, I'd likely drop the mic and exclaim "just kidding!" before shuffling awkwardly into the corner.

It's undeniable and indisputable: Carey has some of the most powerful pipes around. Not only that, she's utilized those pipes to bring to life some of the biggest hits in music since debuting her self-titled album in 1990. Throughout her 25 years as a fixture on the music charts, Carey has gone through a rotation of looks, collaborations, and experimented with her sound. One thing that hasn't changed is Carey's ability to deliver us with a hot track we'd be hard-pressed to get out of our heads. Even as Carey continues to dish out new tunes to jam out to, there's several hits from her early days that we would still gladly turn up full volume.

Let's take a look at 11 Mariah Carey songs from the '90s and early 2000s that we're still completely obsessed with.

"Fantasy" From 1995

What is up with the maniacal clown in the beginning of this music video?! My greatest fears aside, this hit from 1995 remains a prime fixture on my iTunes today. Did anyone else spend recess trying to come up with some coordinated dance moves to go along with this addictive hit?

"Emotions" From 1991

So good, right? SO. GOOD. I still hear this song playing in my head every time I have a crush on someone.

"Dreamlover" From 1993

I'm not exactly sure why our girl, Carey, is swimming with all of her clothes on at the beginning of this video, but those dance moves are on fleek, and so is this tune's killer beat.

"Always Be My Baby" From 1996

Yup, still can't pass a tire swing without thinking of this song. I don't pass tire swings very often, but my point is this song is fantastic.

"Honey" From 1997

At this point, Carey had begun experimenting a bit more with her sound and fashions. One thing that remained the same is the fact that we all had an incredibly difficult time getting any song she released out of our heads.

"Heartbreaker" From 1999

Carey ended up duking it out with a villainous version of herself in the music video for this catchy track from 1999.

"Loverboy" From 2001

Remember this one? Although "Loverboy" may not have garnered the same acclaim as some of Carey's other hits, I definitely found myself jamming out to this one more than a few times, i.e., five minutes ago.

"Thank God I Found You" From 2000

Talk about an awesome collaboration! And speaking of collaborations...

"One Sweet Day" From 1995

When Carey and Boyz II Men get together for a song, you know it's gonna be good.

"Hero" From 1993

There was a time I listened to this songs so many times, I had every single word memorized. And, yes, the "time" I'm talking about is yesterday.

"Vision Of Love" From 1990

What would this list be without Carey's first breakout hit from 1990? This one never gets old — then again, neither do the rest.