Make Laverne's Words Your Daily Mantra

It's never difficult to give Laverne Cox your full attention. For one, she's got an incredible sense of style. Beyond that, Cox never misses an opportunity to say something that matters, whether it comes to her work as a transgender activist or simply talking about body image on a red carpet. At the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, Laverne Cox delivered a body positivity message that we should all write down, frame, and repeat to ourselves on the daily. No one is surprised by this, but that doesn't make it any less important. We all need a little encouragement on a day to day basis, right?

When Giuliana Rancic began interviewing Cox, it seemed as if the interview could go the way of every one before it: Something about the dress, something a little silly, and then the requisite Rancic hug. "You've got to look in the mirror when you leave the house and go 'Damn, I look good,'" said Rancic.

Cox could have just giggled and said "thank you," like every other starlet would have. But she took the opportunity to give us some truly inspiring words:

I try, but I'm very nit picky so I'm always finding the things that are like need to be improved. Yes, I do, but also in that nit pickiness I also try to celebrate my self in any moment, even if I find a flaw, I have to love that flaw today ... we have to embrace what we think are flaws, what we think are imperfections ... it's about loving yourself.

"I have to love that flaw today" might be my new daily mantra. Seriously, Etsy. Get on this. Stat.

Beyond that forthcoming inspirational poster, Cox also spoke a little about Bruce Jenner, whose E! special airs just hours after the E! red carpet special. Per usual, she pointed out the greater impact of Bruce's openness, saying, "I just think Bruce is delightful and it's always powerful when another transgender person comes forward and shares who they are," and adding that it helps people understand that every transgender person has their own unique experience.

Powerful indeed. And while we're taking Cox's words to heart, maybe we should think about her attitude towards these interviews too: She never wastes an opportunity to make a red carpet interview an important one. And I think we could all learn a little something from that.