Who Is Cynthia-Rose Marrying In 'Pitch Perfect 2'? Inviting The Bellas To Her Wedding Came Out Of Left Field

Pitch Perfect 2 was an amazing ride, especially for fans who have been eagerly awaiting the film since the first Pitch Perfect movie came out. Reuniting with the Barden Bellas in Pitch Perfect 2 was all that I ever wanted and more, but one moment in particular stood out to me as surprising. (And, no, it wasn't Fat Amy baring it all to President Barack Obama.) During the campfire scene in which the Bellas reconnect and find their harmony again, the girls all share what they plan to do after they graduate college. That's when Ester Dean's Cynthia-Rose reveals that she's moving to Maine to get married... except that none of us even knew she was in a relationship. In act, Cynthia-Rose had just felt up Stacie in the tent on the same retreat, which would imply that she was single. So the real question becomes: who is Cynthia-Rose marrying in Pitch Perfect 2?

Well, we still have absolutely no idea. In the first Pitch Perfect, Cynthia-Rose reveals that she had had a grambling problem ever since she broke up with her ex-girlfriend — who was implied to be one of the other Bellas. Jessica-or-Ashley mouthed "I love you" after Cynthia-Rose's revelation, which many fans took to mean that she was the one that Cynthia-Rose had just broken up with. However, Jessica and Ashley are inseparable — even sharing a sleeping bag — during the Bella retreat, and neither of them seem inclined to agree with Cynthia-Rose that the Bellas are invited to their wedding, so it's unlikely that Cynthia-Rose is getting married to one of them after Pitch Perfect 2.

The only other person that Cynthia-Rose has shown any interest in is Stacie Conrad, who she sexually harassed in both Pitch Perfect films. In the first film, it was a running joke to the point where Stacie felt the need to whip out her Barden University rape whistle to ward off Cynthia-Rose's advances. In the second film, their interactions are reduced to a single wink and an accidental touch in the tent that Stacie is quick to call her on. However, Stacie has made it pretty clear that, even if she is anything other than heterosexual, she is just not that into Cynthia-Rose — something that doesn't seem to have negatively affected their friendship and working relationship at all. Still, it definitely means they're not getting married in Maine anytime soon.

So, who is Cynthia-Rose's off-screen fiancée? It appears that information is just not for fans to know quite yet. If there is a Pitch Perfect 3, perhaps the film will start off with the Bellas reuniting for Cynthia-Rose's wedding — or maybe that will even be the entire plot of the film to get the whole band back together for an aca-reunion — and we'll finally get to find out who is lucky enough to call Cynthia-Rose their wife. Until then, that one-off line is just going to have to haunt me with this mystery forever.

Image: Universal Pictures; its-already-the-tenth-doctor/Tumblr