How Does 'Pitch Perfect 2' End?

What's up, pitches? You're in for an aca-mazing treat, because I am fresh from seeing a matinee of Pitch Perfect 2, and am ready to spill on some major deets concerning the return of our fave Barden Bellas. It was a long wait (three years, people!), but Pitch Perfect 2 landed in theaters Friday, May 15, so we finally are able to behold the splendor of the Bellas being back on the big screen. The beginning of the film starts with our Bellas riding high on their national a cappella acclaim, performing in front of a mass audience for President Barack Obama's birthday (the President and First Lady Michelle Obama can even be seen making a cameo from the audience!). Of course, as comedies go, the performance goes awry, and Fat Amy (played by the inimitable Rebel Wilson) experiences a fall that leads to her leotard being ripped to expose her...er...toner? I.e., she was apparently going commando, and the President and First Lady — along with the rest of the world — are not aca-amused in the least.

The Bellas are put on suspension, and their remaining stops on their U.S. national tour are handed over to German a cappella team Das Sound Machine. In crisis, the Bellas manage to find a loophole where they can uphold the requirements of their suspension while still being eligible to perform at a global a cappella championship — which is set to include rival and tour-stealing DSM — and possibly find redemption if they can claim top prize. The film is marked by the addition of new legacy Bella, Emily Junk (Hailee Steinfeld), tenacious efforts for the Bellas to rediscover "their sound," Beca Mitchell's (Anna Kendrick) toggling between a radio station internship and her commitment to the Bellas, and — of course — some pretty epic a cappella performances, including a riff off between rival a cappella groups, including DSM.

After some tiffs, a not-so-aca-awesome performance leading up to the global championships (Cynthia Rose kind of catches on fire), and plenty of laughs, our beloved Bellas get it together for their best performance to date, and become world champions of the a cappella world. As the Bellas — save for Emily — are graduating seniors, they hand the keys to their campus home over to the newbie, and the credits roll. I doubt this is the last we've seen of the Barden Bellas (i.e., I'm already anticipating Pitch Perfect 3 becoming a reality), but what does the ending of Pitch Perfect 2 tell us about the future for our fave female leads? Let's take a look, shall we?

Bumper & Fat Amy Are Totally Getting Married

After only experiencing a love/hate flirtation in Pitch Perfect, it was revealed that Bumper (played by Adam DeVine) and Fat Amy were full-on hooking up in Pitch Perfect 2 — and I LOVED it! Fat Amy initially rebuffs Bumper's proposal that the two become exclusive, only to have an epiphany during the girls' bear-trap-laden retreat where she envisions a future being "snuggled up to my fiancee Bumper." Fat Amy serenades Bumper with a rendition of Pat Benatar's "We Belong" from a canoe, the two frighten coeds with a super PDA make-out session, and it seems certain that the two will end up making beautiful — albeit, hilarious — music together for life.

Beca Is Going To Become An Acclaimed Music Producer

Although she initially is told that she doesn't have "originality" by the irreverently cutthroat record producer (played by Keegan-Michael Key) at where she is interning, Beca manages to regain her confidence and impresses him by laying down a demo of Emily's song "Flashlight." There's no doubt about it: Beca is going on to do big things in the music industry.

Chloe Is Going To Teach Underprivileged Children To Sing...

...or "dance exotically." According to her, she's waiting to see which pays more.

Lilly Is Going To...Um...

I don't really know if Lilly (played by Hana Mae Lee) is going to do anything outside of continuing to make off-the-wall remarks in an eerily hushed tone, but that's just fine by me. We've also seen her phenomenal beat-boxing skills, so maybe Beca could feature her on a hit record once she becomes a famous music producer.

Cynthia Will Release A Hit Single & Get Married In Maine

Cynthia's (Ester Dean) pipes are out of this world, and definitely one of my favorite parts of the riff offs. She can rap, sing, and also has the killer dance moves to become a triple-threat sensation in the music world. She also mentioned getting married in Maine during the Bellas' retreat and inviting them all to the wedding. Again, it's reasons like this that Pitch Perfect 3 absolutely has to be in our future!

Stacie Will Become A Model

While the Bellas are trying to scope out a performance by rival group DSM at an automobile show in Atlanta, Stacie (Alexis Knapp) goes missing only to be found writhing on a car during what seemed to be an unsolicited modeling shoot...or something.

Aubrey Will Continue Running A Retreat...

...and her visitors will continue to walk into various booby traps.

Emily Will Continue The Legacy Of Barden Bella Success

The torch was definitively passed to newcomer Emily at the end of Pitch Perfect 2. There's no doubt she'll continue the legacy, and hopefully continue her super-cute romance with Benji (played by Ben Platt).

Thanks for another great ride, pitches!

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