8 Tips 'Veronica Mars' Gave Us On How To Become A Teen Private Investigator, Because It's Totally That Easy

"A teenaged private eye. Trust me. I know how dumb that sounds." But does it? Veronica Mars opens the aptly titled Veronica Mars movie with this line, but it's a premise that has captured the attention of sassy young ladies across the globe. Channeling your inner Nancy Drew and solving mysteries sounds like it could be really fun, if not exceptionally dangerous. But how DOES one go about it? Well, for that, we look to our flaxen haired former teen super sleuth.

Through the show's short run, and the accompanying movie, we see this formerly doe-eyed girl blossom into a neo-noir heroine. And, yes, she pursues that whole silly "lawyer" thing for a bit, but her heart is really into solving mysteries. Therefore, she's forever equipped with a camera, a myriad of wigs, and boundless one-liners. Veronica Mars is the girl you should look at if you're interested in getting into the mystery-solving biz. None of this Sherlock Holmes nonsense.

So, listen up, children. We've compiled some expert tips on how to channel Ms. Mars and become a top notch teen private eye. Pay close attention and you, too, will be solving mysteries and making out with Logan Echolls in no time.

1. Good sleuthing comes from a motivation to bring about justice


You're not in this for the sweet cash flow, let's be real. If you're going into the private eye business, it helps to be fueled by something... like your best friend's death. Nobody is saying your best friend has to die for you to become a private investigator; I'm just saying a thirst for justice is a plus.

2. Rules are meant to be broken... or at least bent


Obviously, you want to adhere to the really big laws like "no murdering" and what have you, but, generally, you may have to do some questionably legal things to crack a case. That fake ID is a TOTAL necessary item for solving a mystery. Totally...

3. Find extracurricular activities that mesh well with sleuthing


Photography — REAL photography, not the kind you do on your iPhone — and spying go really well together. And getting a gig on the school newspaper will grant you a press pass into some possibly important places.

4. Learn how to operate undercover... by keeping a fully stocked wardrobe


Don't go to a sorority house without a Lilly Pulitzer dress, and, if you're infiltrating a swanky house party, make sure to have a catering outfit at the ready.

5. Wield your wit as a weapon


When you're a tiny blonde girl, you may not be, let's say, physically intimidating to the creeps in your town. Having a sharp line at your disposable helps mitigate that problem.

6. Befriend unlikely allies


Wallace's job as an office aide — and later teacher — helped Veronica infiltrate the classified files, and take a peak at student records. Weevil may be tough on the outside, but he helps get Veronica into Neptune's soft (but shady) underbelly. And as for Mac? Let's just say it doesn't hurt to have a computer genius on your side.

7. Don't forget to legitimize your craft with fancy documents


You can't be a race car driver without a driver's license... I think. Likewise, getting a private eye license is a cool way to celebrate your 18th birthday, you know? Veronica got a 95 on her exam, which was ALMOST as good as her dad's score... almost.

8. Which brings us to our final tip: look to a mentor and learn from them


I got into writing because I was the daughter of two writers; that was the creative environment I was raised in. Veronica, likewise, got intrigued by solving mysteries because she spent time after school as the receptionist for her dad's P.I. agency. Even if your dad ISN'T a private eye, maybe you can take up an internship somewhere... like Veronica's internship with the F.B.I. That shouldn't be hard.

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