When Does '19 Kids And Counting' Come Back? Season 11 Could Be Very, Very Soon

This season of 19 Kids And Counting has definitely been one of my favorites, so I'm bummed to see it go. So much has happened in the episodes that have aired this spring, so it's no wonder that keeping up with the Duggar family is a guilty pleasure of mine (and certainly many other fans). Jill's pregnancy! Jessa's wedding! Josiah courting a girl who has actually worn pants! All good things must come to an end, though... even TV shows about a family that has way more children thanI can fathom. The season finale airs this Tuesday, which can only lead to a hiatus spent in anticipation of whether or not Jim Bob has been able to break his loving relationship with hairspray, and I know I can't wait too long. So what's the deal, TLC? When does 19 Kids and Counting return?

Unfortunately, TLC has stayed pretty mum about a return date, and hasn't yet mentioned whether or not the show has actually been renewed, although I would be surprised if it isn't. After all, the Duggars are a staple on TLC, and why wouldn't they be? Their kids are beautiful, there's a lot going on in their family right now, and it's endlessly fascinating to become absorbed in the lives of people who are so different from you and your own family.

However, using past season breaks as a precedent, it doesn't seem like we'll be waiting for new episodes for long. There was only a two month break between this season and last, which ended in November with Jessa's proposal and picked right back up in February with Jill's pregnancy announcement. And being that a season of the show ran last summer, I'm thinking that around July, the Duggars will be back — and there's so much more to see. Both Jessa and Anna are pregnant, Josiah is courting, and the kids are growing up super fast and slowly leaving the nest. There may have been 20 billion seasons of the show so far, but people are still watching. Especially me, as I continue to walk the line between wanting to be a Duggar and living in total awe of them.

There is good news, though: The break won't be a total loss. After all, Jill seems to be pretty generous with the adorable baby pics of Israel, and now that Jessa doesn't have to hide her baby bump anymore, she'll probably be pretty forthcoming about her pregnancy. Even Josiah is allowed to be on Instagram now that he's practically betrothed. Needless to say, scrolling through my Instagram feed is a lot like watching 19 Kids in itself, so we have plenty to keep us occupied until the show returns.

And when it does? Fingers crossed that nobody else is getting married for a good, long time. These people need a break from wedding planning, and so do I.

Image: Duggarfam/Instagram