'The Voice' Season 8 Finalist Koryn Hawthorne Debuts Her Original Single 'Bright Fire' — A Song Written For Her By Coach Pharrell Williams

All of The Voice finalists have debuted very personal original singles tonight — and Koryn Hawthorne,17, was no exception. Hawthorne has established herself as gospel singer on this season of The Voice and her debut single positions her as exactly that. "Bright Fire," written by coach Pharrell Williams, puts a modern spin on what would be considered a religious hymn — and it's so perfect for Hawthorne. The song is not what she needed to win the title, but it represents everything that she's about — and that's a pretty awesome thing.

Hawthorne has come a lot farther in this competition than I ever expected. She came in as a timid, young aspiring musician and transformed into an influential gospel singer. It's not a popular genre, especially for people her age, so it's even more amazing to see her embrace it. Under Pharrell's guidance, Hawthorne chose to set herself apart by positioning herself as a gospel singer and that is what has taken her so far in this game. Her coach has really taken her under his wing, and that was never more clear than when he wrote "Bright Fire" for her. Having Pharrell write a song for you is a pretty big accomplishment at any age, and being able to saying that you achieved that at 17 is an amazing thing.

"Bright Fire," though a powerful and fun song, will not help Hawthorne win this competition. The competition is fierce and the other contestant's singles were much stronger and more mainstream than Hawthorne's. Even if she doesn't win, Hawthorne has so much to be proud of. She has come so far and has accomplished so much on this show. Hawthorne has really grown up on The Voice and was able to find herself as an artist. And that's more valuable than any recording contract could ever be.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC