Fredericks Has Us Asking For More, "Please"

by Jessica Molinari

Sawyer Fredericks is a pretty lucky 16-year-old. Not only is he a finalist on The Voice , he just performed his debut original single written by his idol, Ray LaMontagne. Adam Levine said it himself — Sawyer Fredericks,16, has already won this competition. Regardless of whether or not he takes home the title, he has won by establishing himself as a legitimate artist and having extremely influential artists willing to work with him. Fredericks came in to this competition as a young, aspiring folk singer and will be leaving as a strong, influential folk artist. And can I remind you that he's only 16?!

Fredericks was a favorite amongst the coaches from the very beginning. They loved his unique sound and were blown away by the maturity in his voice. It took me a little longer to warm up to Fredericks, but I've really become a fan over the past few weeks. He delivers strong vocals week after week and has really come into himself as a performer. Though all of his performances have been good, his original single was definitely the best. "Please" is the perfect song to introduce Fredericks to the world — it sounds as if it was written personally for him. It was the perfect mix of gritty and sweet. And the best part? It fit his age. The song wasn't too mature for him or too baby-ish, it was perfect.

Fredericks has a major shot at taking home the title. The odds are pretty split between him and Meghan Linsey — it's really up to their performances tonight. Both of them debuted strong singles, so it's anyone's game. Whether Fredericks wins or not, he is sure to have a successful career. He has breathed new life into a not-so-popular genre and has really introduced folk music to a younger generation. He's reinventing folk music, and that's a pretty amazing feat for a 16-year-old. There's no doubt we will be hearing from Fredericks for years to come.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC