Kathryn Didn't Support Thomas On 'Southern Charm' & That's Completely OK

On this season of Southern Charm, Thomas’ election campaign hasn’t exactly been a smooth ride. Whether he’s been creating some pretty crazy ad spots with Whitney, completely ignoring his partner, Kathryn, and taking the sage advice of his campaign manager, Thomas hasn’t been the best boyfriend or father in the slightest. Thomas and Kathryn are not even together at this point. They are dunzo. Thomas broke up with her on Facebook. Seriously.

Anyway, on Monday's big election episode, some details came to light that Thomas allegedly assaulted Kathryn’s friend and stylist Lauren. This does not at all bode well for Thomas’ Senate campaign, which was a long shot anyway. Thomas immediately thinks that Kathryn set this whole thing up, which seems kind of insane. Why would Kathryn blow her own life to smithereens, too? That’s like cutting her nose off to spite her face. Anyway, Thomas demands that Kathryn come home from Jekyll Island, where she is with the rest of the gang, and Kathryn passes on that, thankyouverymuch. The other members of the group (save for Landon and Craig, which I’ll get to in a minute) think Kathryn should run to be with Thomas, and they’re shocked when she doesn’t immediately exit her vacation.

But you know what? Why should Kathryn have left her friends? To echo the sentiments of Craig and Landon, there is nothing that Kathryn could have done about those allegations (they had already hit the papers), so why not just leave when she originally planned to, just like everyone else? Landon made the point that her husband used to do the same thing to her — push her aside and then demand her when she needed to perform wifely duties. Landon is totally right: Screw that behavior, Kathryn!

At this point, Kathryn was right to pack up shop and let Thomas float on his own for a bit. After all, he didn’t want her around his campaign to begin with, so why should she drop everything to save it now? He may be the father of her child, but that’s probably all he’ll ever be because he doesn’t respect her as an equal. Kathryn totally has her own nonsensical moments, but Thomas is equally as mature as she is (sometimes less).

In one episode, Thomas lost both the election and his girlfriend, and it’s no one’s fault but his own. Kathryn is absolutely better off without him.

Images: Brianna Stello/Bravo; Giphy