8 'Pretty Little Liars' Superlatives, Just In Case Charles Lets A Yearbook Into The Dollhouse

While most of us spent senior year stressing about the SATs, college applications, and finding the perfect prom dress, things were slightly more complicated for Pretty Little Liars' Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer. Throughout high school, they've been the ultimate multi-taskers — attending Rosewood High by day and searching for answers by night (typically in the most dark, secluded areas possible after separating from one another for reasons we'll never understand). By the time senior year rolled around, the Liars were investigating multiple murders while covering up their own crimes of self-defense. It kind of makes my AP exam woes pale in comparison.

As if the year hadn't been stressful enough, Season 5 culminated with all four girls under arrest and then locked in Charles's personal dollhouse — talk about a rough 24 hours. Luckily, the Liars' significant others have banded together with Peter and Veronica Hastings to rescue them from A and that creepy-as-hell dollhouse. If anyone is gonna get the job done, it's Mrs. Hastings, because she doesn't mess around (like mother, like daughter).

In typical Pretty Little Liars fashion, the Season 5 finale left us with more questions than answers. One of our many questions: how long will the Liars be held hostage? With any luck, they will be freed in time to attend graduation and prom (sorry, Charles, but that dollhouse prom with the creepy mannequins was pretty much the opposite of a dream prom). I hope they've already had their senior photos taken for Rosewood High's yearbook, because they're worthy of the following senior superlatives.

Most Loyal Friend — Emily

Entering a beauty pageant without a second thought because you're determined to get your best friend the scholarship money she desperately needs? If that's not the act of a selfless friend, I don't know what is.

Best Dressed — Hanna

Pretty Little Liars fans spend every Tuesday night alternating between formulating our own theories and coveting every article of Hanna's wardrobe.

Most Candid — Spencer

We can always count on Spencer to tell it like it is without mincing words.

Most Likely To Write A Memoir — Aria

Once the Liars are exonerated of murder and A's identity is publicly revealed, publishers will be clamoring for a tell-all memoir. As the most avid reader and writer of the group, Aria would be the perfect choice to pen this book.

Most Likely To Survive The Hunger Games — Ali

Not only did she survive being buried alive, Ali is well-accustomed to having someone after her, so she'd never let her guard down. She successfully fended for herself while on the run and her charisma would win her the best sponsors. And just when another tribute believed Ali to be dead and no longer in the running... she'd re-emerge and claim victory.

Most Changed — Mona

Mona went from the bullied girl to the bullier, then from A to A's victim. As one of the most enigmatic, ever-evolving characters, fans are constantly wondering who she will become next.

Class Couple — Hanna & Caleb

Was there really any competition in this category? The only complaint Pretty Little Liars fans have with Caleb is that he's Hanna's boyfriend, not ours.

Most Likely To Get Arrested — Everyone

The Rosewood High yearbook committee tells me this category remains too close to call.

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