Where Is The Dollhouse On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Big A Trapped The Girls In A Remote House Of Horrors

If there's one word to describe the Pretty Little Liars Season 5 finale, "Welcome To The Dollhouse," it's horrifying. On their way to prison, the four Liars were abducted by A, who took them to a dollhouse that featured recreations of each girl's bedroom, plus a deafening alarm that was used to punish them if they did something A didn't like. There was a spark of hope at the end of the episode as Spencer and Mona (who is alive, BTW) figured out how to shut off the house's electricity and made a run for it, only to realize that the house was surrounded by an electrified fence. So where is the PLL dollhouse? After the fence reveal, we zoomed out to see that the dollhouse is somewhere extremely remote, with no signs of civilization anywhere near it, but there is one brief spark of hope we can cling to until Season 6 premieres.

Caleb, the boyfriend of the century, figured out where the prison van first used to take the girls was, thanks to his amazing hacking skills, and lead the police (including Toby) and Hastings to its location. When they got there, there was no sign of the dollhouse, but there was something else very interesting: A's lair. The same bank of computers that A was previously seen using to monitor the girls' every move was right near the van, and Detective Tanner saw some surveillance footage, finally proving A's existence to some Rosewood adults. Even thought the lair didn't seem to show any signs of the dollhouse's location, which is actually underground, if A was able to travel between the lair and the dollhouse, they must have been pretty close to each other.

In fact, the lair must be pretty close to Rosewood too. When he first discovered the van's location, Caleb revealed the geographic coordinates to its location, and his computer screen listed an address, 1423 Clark Road. The coordinates, 40.0508 N and 75.4044 W, are located in Wayne, Penn. And before you go running to Google Maps, there is a 1423 Clark Road near Wayne. In another interesting connection, the town Rosewood is reportedly based on, Rosemont, is just 13 minutes from those coordinates.

So while Caleb the hacker hero may not have lead everyone straight to the Liars, they're definitely one huge step closer to finding them. Since the dollhouse was revealed to be almost totally underground in the episode's final moments, the Hastings and police could be much closer than they think. Let's hope that's the case, because based on what we saw of A (aka Charles DiLaurentis aka JASON'S TWIN!!!), they're going to want to hurry. The longer the girls stay in this mysterious dollhouse, the more dangerous their situation becomes.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC Family; Google Maps