Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Hang Out With One Direction Members & Take Pics That Are Almost Too Much To Handle — PHOTOS

Want to hear a funny joke? Austin Swift, Ed Sheeran, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Taylor Swift, and Calvin Harris walk into a photo booth. As all those crazy Tumblr kids would say: that's it, that's the joke. I know you were probably waiting for a punchline, but there there is no punchline because there doesn't need to be one. This very event actually took place. On Monday night, the younger Swift took to his Twitter and Instagram to post these telling photo booth pictures, decrying that his graduation day, which also happened to be the same day as the Billboard Music Awards, was a "wild ride." Indeed, Austin. Indeed it was. (Also worth noting: Austin Swift has an Instagram. What a wonderful world.)

Now, you may scratching that noggin of yours and wondering how two members of infamous ex-lover Harry Style's very own band, Swift's brother, Swift's BFF, and Swift's tall, chiseled, and handsome shiny new lover could share such an intimate space? Well, there's only one logical answer here, folks. It appears that everything is just A-OK on the Styles-Swift front. There are no wars being fought, no subtweets being sent. Styles and Swift are simply mature adults who have let bygones be bygones. Unless, you know, Horan and Tomlinson were forced into the silly photo with Swift and Harris at a really awesome party with a slew of other young, hot celebs, against their will. Yeah, that doesn't seem too likely to me, either.

Besides, if Swift's bestie and her brother are cool with not only her new boyfriend, but her ex-boyfriend's friends are too, you know that there are no hard feelings being harbored by anyone in attendance. Personally, I believe that the 1989 singer missed her calling as a diplomat, or as one of those people they hire to attend corporate office events to initiate ice breakers and camaraderie among stressed out co-workers. Apparently, all you need to inspire an unlikely friendship is Tay's sunny disposition, a camera, a red bedazzled backdrop curtain, and props. LOTS of props. Also, maybe, a little bit of alcohol, but I can't say for sure.

Swift truly meant it when she declared this, didn't she?

Image: Giphy