Amy Poehler's Red Hair Is Her Best Accessory At Cannes, & It Totally Elevates Her LBD

Even if an A-lister drips in millions worth of borrowed Harry Winston diamonds, it doesn't have the same effect as a new 'do hue. Take Amy Poehler's new red hair. The usually blonde funny gal— more like hilarious — has adopted a ginger hue that is pretty much an orange x blonde hybrid and it's gorge. Sometimes, a new, bright hair color can elevate a celeb's style beyond any couture gown and or accessory, be it bags or shoes.

You truly appreciate how transformative her new strands are when paired with a simple, strapless, long black gown, like this Stella McCartney dress Poehler wore at Cannes, which was deceptively basic.

The material was almost a charcoal color, as opposed to jet black, and the fabric looked stretchy, but when Poehler cinched it with a bold, gold belt, she took it up, like, a dozen notches.

Poehler was truly elegant and didn't need much to make me go "Wow!"

Even though Poehler swept her ginger locks into an updo, her hair and its color still dominated this overall look. You expect the oft-ginger Nicole Kidman to deliver on the red carpet in a column sheath such as this.

But Poehler, with her hand on her hip, was exuding an overflowing bucket of confidence. It's the dress and the hair and that's a lethal combo, in a good way, in fashion.

Clemens Bilan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I'm not used to ultra glam A. Poehler. But I can live with her, that's for sure. Let's peep the dress from all angles.

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When front-facing, the train and the belt proved to be game changing details. She didn't need a necklace, because the belt was the statement.

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Yes, she was wearing heels, as is required by the event, given all the Cannes "heels only at premieres" policy/controversy of the past day.

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The Stella frock is really simple. It just is. So why am I gawking so much? That's pure Amy Poehler right there, causing that reaction.

Clemens Bilan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I want to steal that choker-like, chunky belt. It's so Wonder Woman!

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

An obligatory back shot. I have to admit, this is the best I've seen Poehler look. The red hair really helps lift that already pretty dress. It's not ostentatious or fashion-forward but is tasteful and classic, which is always a fashion "do."

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