5 Easy Hacks For Sleeping With Makeup On

by Courtney Leiva

Whether you were out partying way too late or had that hook up from hell you’d rather not talk about it, it’s easy to fall asleep in your makeup; just ask any girl you know. However, the beauty gods usually aren't too kind when you wake up the next morning, as unwanted zits and clumped lashes can squash those #wokeuplikethis goals in no time. Before you succumb to beauty hysteria, screaming at the mirror in an unshakable state of panic, here’s some easy makeup hacks for when you sleep in your makeup.

Although when you wake up after sleeping in your makeup, your first reaction is that you’re probably super scared of your reflection right now, know that there are quick fixes from helping you avoid any further beauty catastrophes. Trust us, we’ve all broken this big beauty rule sometime down the road, and probably will do it again.

“It’s extremely common for women to sleep with their makeup on. It may not be ideal for the health of your skin, but it happens,” explains celebrity makeup artist Tomy Rivero. “ If you do sleep in your makeup though, it’s all about pampering your skin the next day.”

1. Pamper Your Skin

If possible, you totally want to get that makeup off your face before it wreaks further havoc on your skin. Using any makeup remover found inside your beauty cabinet usually works wonders. However, if you don’t have makeup remover on hand, feel free to grab olive oil and coconut oil too.

“Just grab your makeup remover and start from there,”says celebrity makeup artist Lauren Lazaro. “If you do not own makeup remover, go into your kitchen and grab some olive oil or coconut oil. Apply your oil onto a cotton ball or Q- tip, and gently remove your eye makeup.”

After your makeup is completely removed, you want to get your skin as clean as possible. You can do this easily by taking a warm steamy shower, or grabbing a deep cleaning cleanser to remove any deep-seated dirt and debris.

“Taking a warm shower softens the skin while melting the product on the surface, and deep cleaning your pores,” says beauty expert Tomy Rivero. “Make sure you have a good cleanser to really get in there, and wash away all of the product on your skin.”

2. Don't Go For Makeup Wipes

Although makeup removing wipes are fast and portable, it’s not the go-to solution for getting last night’s blush and bronzer off. Sure these wipes may remove that concealer and foundation, but it won’t give your skin that deep cleanse it needs after snoozing in your makeup.

“Makeup wipes may be a quick fix, but it won’t deep cleanse your skin,” adds Tomy Rivero. “Furthermore, using these wipes will not help prevent breakouts, or keep your skin looking youthful and supple.”

3. Zap Away Redness

Sleeping in your makeup can also be a major pain for your eye area, being that any lingering liner and shadows can cause mega discomfort to your eyes. To zap away any eye redness the next morning, look no further than Visine to show irritation who’s boss.

“Using eye drops like Visine, can quickly soothe and comfort red, itchy eyes,” suggests Lauren Lazaro.

4. Don't Overdo It

If next-day makeup removal clearly isn’t an option, there are ways to salvage any beauty looks from the night before.

“First, be sure to fix any mascara blunders, and then re-apply and blend in some some liner,” explains celebrity makeup expert Lori Depp. “To perk up your face, take a moist towel or washcloth, and pat your face just enough to refresh the skin. Once it’s dry, use a powder compact, and puff under the eyes using your fingertip.”

When touching up your next-day face, it’s important to not overdo it. Always think light layers when it comes to skincare and makeup.

“Try not to use heavy moisturizers and full coverage makeup the next day,” adds Rivero. “Try and do light layers if possible, especially when it comes to skincare and makeup. You don’t want anything clogging the air flow to your face.”

5. Don't Panic

If you decided to snooze and not remove your makeup before you hit the sack, it’s important to remember not to panic. Sure it would have been helpful to wipe off last night’s smoky eye, but life happens, and take it from us; your skin will surely bounce back from this.

However, it’s important not to make sleeping in your foundation a regular thing, as chronic habits like this one, can lead to more icky skin conditions down the road.

Images: ParkerKnight/Flickr, Giphy (5)