7 Reasons 'Empire's Cookie & Anika Need To End Their War & Become BFFs (Or, At Least, Frenemies)

Two strong minded, smart and outspoken women working together should be a positive thing. However, on Empire , things don't seem to work that way: From the moment Cookie arrives at Empire Entertainment, she and Anika basically declared war on each other — and since they were competing for Lucious' attention (as well as for the same position within the company), things often got a bit prickly between the pair. Though Cookie will always be my favorite character on Empire, I'll admit that she hasn't always been then easiest to get along with. From the beginning, her anger toward Lucious stopped her from giving Anika a chance. Instead, she immediately wrote her off as a nuisance that she had to be rid of as quickly as possible. Likewise, Anika saw Cookie as a threat (rightfully so) to both her relationship and her business. Instead of recognizing that their true enemy was Lucious, the women spent most of Empire Season 1 taunting one another, which eventually culminated in a major showdown.

What Anika and Cookie failed to realize was that both of their work had tremendously influenced the growth and status of Empire Entertainment. Without Cookie's seed money and streetwise intuition, the company would never have existed to begin with — and, likewise, Anika's business savvy and education opened doors for Lucious. Now that Lucious is behind bars and Anika has inside information at Creedmoor, this would be the best time for the two ladies to team up, and to take back what's theirs. Plus, they're both badass ladies — they should absolutely stick together!

Here are seven reasons why Cookie and Anika should become BFFs — or, at the very least, frenemies. One step at a time, you know?

1. Cookie Could Teach Anika About Style

Anika isn't a poor dresser by any stretch. However, next to Cookie, her wardrobe often seems lackluster. Cookie could teach Anika about glitz, glam, and style.

2. Anika Could Teach Cookie About Real Revenge

Though Lucious deserved it, it was super cold for Anika to jump ship and join Creedmoor — and to take many of Empire Entertainment's artists with her. She's obviously very business savvy, and can teach Cookie and thing or two about the inner-workings of the the corporate world.

3. They Could Co-Manage Jamal & Hakeem

It was terrible to see Jamal & Hakeem pitted against one another: They are both extremely talented artists, and their genres are different enough that there should be no competition. If anything, their music compliments each other! If Cookie and Anika teamed up to co-manage both of the boys, the result would be amazing.

4. Cookie Could Teach Anika How To Make An Entrance

Though Anika got back at Lucious in her own way, she did so quietly and on the down low. Though her betrayal hurt him, as a viewer, it was not that entertaining to see. When Cookie is coming for you, though, she announces herself. Take notes, Anika.

5. They Could Make Empire Entertainment A Female-Dominated Business

As much as I adore the Lyon brothers, I'm not sure they any of them are mature or competent enough to run the business. None of them deserve to be named head of the company. Together, though, Cookie and Anika could re-brand Empire Entertainment for women.

6. Together They Can Destroy Lucious For Good

Cookie has finally realized that Lucious is no longer the man she once loved and respected. With Anika on board, they can figure out a way remove him from his position — and their lives — permanently.

7. They Could Be Unstoppable

If Cookie and Anika stopped their war for one moment, they would realize that their individual strengths and weakness compliment one another. With Lucious eliminated from the equation, the ladies could join forces and make artists like Tiana superstars.

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