9 Easy, Wonderful Ways You Could Be Feelin' Yourself Right Now

Has enough time passed for us to collect our jaws from the floor after watching the goddess fest that was Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé's "Feeling Myself" video? I think that is the longest that I have sat down and watched something on my screen without getting distracted by my other 97 open tabs since I first opened a computer. Did I have any idea what was going on half the time? NOPE. But it sure looked like a hell of a lot more fun than I was having. Thus, I have decided to declare today (and every day that comes after) Feel Yourself Day and am generously providing you with ways to feel yourself, brought to you by me, Beyoncé, and Nicki Minaj.

My umbrella for "feeling yourself" is pretty wide, because as fun as ~self sexy times~ are, going to crazy town with yourself is far from the only way to show your body some love. I think we all get caught up in our jobs and our social lives and other obligations that we occasionally take our bodies for granted. Sure, we soothe our minds with hours of Netflix (PRAISE), but what about the rest of our human selves? We need to appreciate ourselves from the brain down, too. But no worries, y'all, cuz I've got you covered:

Do a form of exercise you actually enjoy

Exercise gets such a bad rap, even though it can help boost confidence and overall just make you feel like the Wonder Woman of feeling yourself. Here's the trick if you hate exercise: DON'T DO IT. Go do something that gets all your blood pumping that you like doing, like paintball or frisbee or Quidditch pong.

Buy some fancy lotion and butter yo' bad self up head-to-toe

By fancy lotion I mean whatever smells nice in the drugstore aisle, and then just rub it all over your human self. Not only will you get to take the time to shower all the parts of you with the goddess-level lovin' they deserve, but you'll smell like a pine forest or the inside of a rich person's car. Win-win-WIN.

Go to town on your favorite snack

I'm sorry, I throw up in my mouth a little bit whenever someone says YOLO within a five-mile radius of me, but this is the one time it applies. Eat what you want because YOLO. And because if your body wants it, that means it's going to make your body happy. The ultimate feeling yourself, it turns out, is drenched in ketchup and mayo.

Take a bath fit for a queen

Everyone I know has this, like, stash of bath products that they're saving for a rainy day. GUESS WHAT, GUYS? That rainy day is never going to happen and you could be treating your body to fizzy bath bomb love and bubbles all up your butt every day of the week. There shouldn't have to be a special occasion to treat yourself. Go forth and get naked!

Get jiggy with it

They always say to dance like nobody's watching, but I say we take it a step further and do whatever the hell we want like nobody's watching. Honesty hour: A very small (and #blessed) portion of the population is going to look as sexy and coordinated as the Nickis and Beyoncés of the world while dancing, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't also feel sexy moving our bodies however we please. Stop resisting. Turn on Spice Girls, or Drake, or the soundtrack to Pitch Perfect 2, and set ridiculous yourself FREE.

Bake something (read: eat all of the dough)

Try to tell me about an orgasm that is better than the first bite of cookie dough. No, seriously, tell me. I'm curious. Go on.

Sit down with a pen in front of a blank piece of paper

I don't know what's in your soul, but there's something there (I hope). Maybe when you were a kid you liked to draw, or write poetry, or fold paper into crazy origami shapes to throw across the room to your friends. Part of feeling yourself is expressing yourself, and I think we'd all surprise ourselves by what we would do with a piece of paper if we were staring at it without anybody else around.

Sing at the top of your lungs

Singing releases the same endorphins as sex. And speaking of sex...

Feel someone else

I shouldn't have to tell you why this will feel good, sex-wise. But even just feeling up on all the humans in your life. Go hug someone today. Go cuddle with an animal. GO MAKE CONNECTIONS WITH OTHER LIVING BEINGS. You'll never regret being close to the people you care about.

Literally, actually (you knew this was coming) FEEL YOURSELF

Bow chicka whhahtttttttt. Seriously, though, masturbation is all kinds of good for you, so go on, champ. I believe in you.

Images: Tidal; haimpress, ojhungry, thismermaidsays, lewphoria, azpi, dailynickigifs(2), heystephens/Tumblr