BuzzFeed's "Adults Get Love Advice From Kids" Video Teaches Us Everything We Need To Know About Romance

Do you ever think of things you wish you could tell your younger self? What about the things your younger self would tell you? BuzzFeed decided to help answer the latter question with the video, "Adults Get Love Advice From Kids." When we were kids, we had our love lives all figured out, didn't we? True love meant chasing your crush around the playground and making those origami paper fortune tellers to figure out which kid in your third grade math class you were going to marry. I mean, if a boy let you borrow one of his gel pens, you were obviously soulmates.

As we got older, though, things get so much more complicated when it omes to love, especially in the days of social media. How many tweets of his can I favorite before I look clingy? Is my Snapchat story attractive? Am I too young to get married or too old to be single? Maybe the kids have some answers. Love should be simple, right? I can't think of a simpler time then when my biggest concern was if I was going to get to take home the class hamster that weekend or when my Scholastic book order was going to come in.

Here are some kid-approved love tips:

1. Be Proactive

Why be scared? If you want to ask someone out, you should just call him, says Daisy, and tell him something like, "You're a really nice boy." Compliments never hurt, right?

2. Don't Be Clingy

You don't have to call her every day, and definitely not every hour. Calling her every Monday will do just fine.

3. Avoid Small Talk

It's all good to get to know someone, but conversations filled with small talk are boring. Do not talk about his clothes, say Daisy and Penny.

4. Think Ahead

Although mailing flowers and a card is a good idea, don't overdo it. Chocolate is all fun and games until it melts.

5. Be Romantic

Even if you've been dating for a while, it's important to keep the spark alive. Niko suggests picking a romantic movie to spice up date night.

6. Be Spontaneous

Sometimes you just have to ignore your budget, be spontaneous, and go to Europe.

7. Keep It Simple

Although it's important to keep things romantic, love is about being comfortable with someone. Sometimes you just need to throw on sweats and go get some Papa Johns with your boo.

8. Don't Drag Out A Break Up

The best way to break up with someone is to keep it simple. Just tell them it's over and runaway. #genius

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