Does @POTUS Have More Twitter Followers Than Kim Kardashian? Take The Test

Are you more likely to follow @POTUS or @prattprattpratt on Twitter? At the time of this writing, the president of our country and the guardian of our galaxy had roughly the same number of followers. (After all, who would want to miss this GQ moment that Chris Pratt shared?) Now that President Obama has joined the Twitter-sphere, we can't wait to see his messages from the Oval Office, his photos of Bo, and even his dad jokes — but it seems like he still has some catching up to do in the follower department.

It's only been a couple of days, but Obama hasn't even cracked the top 100 most-followed accounts yet, according to Twitter Counter. His campaign account, @BarackObama, stands at number three, with more than 59 million followers, though this account is run by Organizing for Action, his Democratic campaign machine. This new @POTUS account is all his own — at least until 2016. At more than 2 million followers, the @POTUS handle might beat out your 200 or so fans, but how does he stack up against some of the other gems we love to follow?

See if you can guess who has more followers in these match-ups:

President Obama vs. Kim Kardashian West

Answer: Kim Kardashian West

This one was almost too easy, but why not start out simple? At nearly 32 million followers, the selfie queen is also somewhat of a Twitter queen. In fact, all three of the Kardashian sisters have more followers than Obama, at least for now.

President Obama vs. Hillary Clinton

Answer: Hillary Clinton

A closer match-up, Clinton's 3.5 million followers only tops POTUS' number by 1.5 million. Clearly, there are no hard feelings though: Obama joked with Bill Clinton yesterday on Twitter about passing the coveted handle on to Hillary in 2016.

President Obama vs. Scandal's Tony Goldwyn

Answer: President Obama

President Grant may hold all the power on Thursday nights (#TGIT, anyone?), but President Obama still makes the cut in the Twitter-sphere. Maybe Fitz just needs Olivia to rig Twitter like she did the election.

President Obama vs. First Lady Michelle Obama

Answer: President Obama

In the battle of the sexes between @POTUS and @FLOTUS, @POTUS just barely squeaks by with the win. The First Lady has had her account for more than two years, though, so hopefully she can show her husband the ropes.

President Obama vs. Bustle

Answer: President Obama

OK, so this one shouldn't really surprise you — or should it?! It's probably a good thing that the leader of the free world has more followers than us. You can follow Bustle on Twitter here.