2015 'Bachelorette' Guys Whine About Britt Not Being The Bachelorette So I Got Them This Tiny Violin

We all knew that whatever the outcome was on this year's Double Bachelorette would be a tough thing to watch, and even if I'm not a fan of Britt, watching her get eliminated was heartbreaking: The show literally waved something under her nose and then took it away, threw her in a limo, and assumed she'd just shake it off. It was horrible for that poor woman. Then, along come the 2015 Bachelorette guys who voted for Britt with gripes that this situation didn't turn out in their favor. I'm sorry, whiny baby men, did this situation in which two women who were supposed to have the power were made to feel small and insecure only to see one of them be heartbroken and the other feel terrible for winning something upset you? Is this dashing your tiny baby hopes? Oh, I'm so sorry.

Of course, a few guys did the right thing and made an effort to get to know Kaitlyn, despite the fact that they'd voted against her. Jared aka "Love Man" aka restaurant manager extraordinaire decided to come clean and tell Kaitlyn that yes, he'd voted for Britt, but that he was still hoping to get to know her as well.

Another tried to do the right thing, but ended up seeking validation from the woman he'd literally just voted on, survivor style. Look, I like JJ. I think he could be an interesting dude this season. However, I just wish he hadn't sought to make Kaitlyn make him feel better about being a dad — something he's apparently insecure about — so soon after she was literally thrown through the wringer and forced into an awkward competition with a woman she seemed to be friendly with prior to all of this.

Maybe, Britt-loving dudes, you could remember that this show isn't actually all about you. After all, it's called The Bachelorette, not 24 Guys Whining About Stuff.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC