Starbucks And Spotify Just Teamed Up, So Your Baristas Are Also Your New Favorite DJs

Back in March when Starbucks stopped selling CDs, many of us thought that they were getting out of the music game all together. Well, it turns out we were very wrong. Starbucks is partnering with Spotify to make interactive playlists for each of its 7,000-plus stores.

Not only that, but if you didn't already think your Starbucks barista was too cool for you (shout-out to the cute, tall brunette guy who works at the 34th and Walnut Starbucks in Philly who never remembers my name, but will always have a place in my heart), now he or she definitely will be. Why? Because the 150,000 baristas that Starbucks employs will be the ones (mostly) in charge of picking the music. Baristas will be given free Spotify Premium accounts, which will enable them to DJ the music in their stores. Of course, all those coffee-fueled musical stylings will come from a list of pre-approved, "brand-appropriate" songs selected by the the same team that has historically been in charge of the Starbucks music — but they've got a pretty good track record, so that's not so bad. Who doesn't love hearing the Peanuts theme when they pick up their latte during the winter holidays?

Customers will be able to get in on the action, too: The Starbucks mobile app will let them give feedback on the music and offer suggestions, and frequent customers will be able to access the playlists that are playing in their local stores from afar. With that kind of accessibility, we really should be thinking long and hard about what these playlists might consist of. Here, I present to you my dream Starbucks playlist (heavily inspired by the music my roommate Ali plays, because with the amount of coffee she consumes, our apartment feels a lot like a coffee shop anyway).

1. "Wetsuit" by The Vaccines

This song is such a jam because it sort of becomes whatever you need it to. It can be a pump-up song if you're goal is to get in, get your caffeine going, and get out, or it can be a chill, just sort of in the background song if you're trying to get work done.

2. "Sheezus" by Lily Allen

Nothing wakes me up in the morning like feminist icon (IMHO) Lily Allen talking about periods and the unreasonable standards of the music industry. Starbucks may not think that the line "give me that crown bitch, I wanna be Sheezus" fits with their brand image, but with a slight tweak the line can become, "give me that cream bitch, I wanna be Sheezus," and then it totally makes sense in a coffee shop.

3. "Old Pine" by Ben Howard

This one is a classic if you just need to relax. Ben Howard's voice is the perfect mix of beautiful and chilling, kind of like a Frappuccino.

4. "Staring at the Stars" by Passenger

This song may be about how messed up young people are today, but the plucky beat and lyrics are so good. Plus, it contains the line, "we put three sugars in our tea," and honestly, what's more Starbucks than tea? (Yea, I know, coffee, but whatever. Just roll with it).

5. "I Wanna Get Better" by Bleachers

Honestly the only reason this song belongs on this playlist is because I really like it. It's addictive, and I've been listening to it on repeat basically all week. I, too, wanna get better, and stop listening to the same songs over and over to the point where I no longer like them. I have a problem.

6. "Wake Me Up" by Avicii

Get it? Because you're usually tired when you need coffee? I'm hilarious, I know. I'll be here all week.

7. "Samson" by Regina Spektor

Yeah, I'm putting a song from 2006 on here. Get at me. Regina Spektor's always had this crazy cool sounding voice, even before she did the Orange Is the New Black theme song. "Samson" is such a good story, you might have to look up from the screenplay you're definitely almost done with to listen.

8. "Cannonball" by Damien Rice

This song is like a lullaby that you don't want to fall asleep during because it's so hauntingly beautiful you can't help but listen. I'm honestly getting chills just writing about it. Or maybe it's really air-conditioned in here, not totally sure.

9. "Layla" (Unplugged) by Eric Clapton

Just hands down the best song that exists, it will be on every playlist I ever make for anything because I'm predictable and this song is life-changing. It's good no matter how you listen to it, but my preference is the unplugged (acoustic) version.

10. "Girls Chase Boys" by Ingrid Michaelson

This song is what you want to be listening to while you (attempt to) have intense eye-sex with your favorite cute barista. He may be eye-rejecting you, but hey, "all the broken hearts in the world still beat."