Proof That 'Vampire Diaries' Damon & Rogelio From 'Jane The Virigin' Would Be The Ultimate CW Bromance

As much as we've all grown to love and obsess over The Vampire Diaries ' Damon Salvatore, there is one trait he really needs to work on — and that's his ability to maintain friendships. True, he does have Bonnie and Alaric to lean on nowadays, but let's not forget that they both started out hating him on the show. That's no coincidence. Damon may be all sorts of swoon-worthy, but when it comes to possessing ideal social skills, this bad boy vamp is severely lacking. (And to be honest, that's one of the many, many reasons we find him so alluring.) But that got me thinking, is there any CW character that Damon would be able to immediately get along with? And then it hit me: what if he were to strike up a friendship with Jane the Virgin 's very own Rogelio de la Vega?

I mean, their bromantic sitcom pretty much writes itself. Sure, they're both phenomenal as their own separate entities. But, when put together, these two character favorites would make for a truly dynamic duo, there's no doubt about it. And, while from the outside, it may seem like an immortal and soap opera star wouldn't really have anything in common... upon closer inspection you'd realize just how perfect this friendship would be.

Their Egos Would Be Hilariously Identical

Both characters exude so much confidence in their overall appeal to us mere mortals that it would be great to see their self-proclaimed compliments ricochet off one another.

Rogelio Would Be Insanely Jealous Of Damon's Inability To Age

In fact, I wouldn't put it past him to constantly try and trick Damon into turning him into a vampire. Having eternal good looks and fame is basically Rogelio's dream lifestyle. He would be ALL over that.

They'd Offer Up A Great Support System For Each Other

Well, for the most part…

Their Parties Would Be Epic

Spontaneous dance parities and a never-ending supply of booze? It doesn't get much better than that.

Rogelio Would Introduce Damon To The Joys Of Social Media

Can you imagine Damon on Twitter? He'd bring a whole new meaning to the hashtag #ThirstyThursday. Plus, his #TBTs would be totally on fleek. (When you've lived over the course of multiple lifetimes, you have a lot of throwbacks to choose from.)

They Could Bond Over Woman Troubles

Because even the most charming characters aren't immune to the devastating side effects of being in love.

Suffice to say, Damon and Rogelio are fantastic BFF material. It's the crossover you never knew you always wanted.

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