Who Is Joey Graceffa? The YouTube Star Is Destined For Great Things

We live in an age where some celebrities are only known because of the connection between their computer screens and yours. But we have make-up gurus, Vine stars, YouTube singers, and numerous others who have made the transition from the Internet to the "real world," if you will. Joey Graceffa is one such case. On May 16, the singer took a step outside of the Internet world — and out of the closet — when he came out in the music video for his single, "Don't Wait." With all of the press surrounding his coming out, it's clear that this young artist has a huge fan base and I couldn't help but wonder: Who is Joey Graceffa?

I wasn't aware of Graceffa even though I follow a few YouTube singers. After watching the "Don't Wait" video, I found out that he's that Disney Prince kind of cute. I also found out that he has over 4 million subscribers to his YouTube channel which features music videos, short films, and video logs. He obviously has a massive fan base, which will undoubtedly continue to grow now that he has entered the public sphere with his honest and beautiful music video.

Here are some facts you should know about Joey Graceffa, since his face is one we will all probably be seeing a lot more of.

He wrote a memoir

Tuesday marked the release of the 24-year-old's first memoir, In Real Life: My Journey to a Pixelated World. The book is an intimate look at the person behind the YouTube personality and perfectly coincided with the release of his video. The book is currently on Amazon's "Hot New Releases" list!

He's a reality television star

Graceffa was on the 22nd season of The Amazing Race with his friend and fellow YouTuber, Meghan Camarena. The duo lasted for quite a while on the show, and ended up in fifth place!

He has been nominated for some big awards

He is essentially already a star, and can write Teen Choice Awards nominee on his resume. In 2014, he was nominated "Choice Web Star: Gaming" and "Choice Web Star: Male." He didn't win either but being at an awards show with fellow nominees like Ansel Engort and Jennifer Lawrence is already good sign for his future.

He is a big Hunger Games fan

He has posted a few really popular Hunger Games parodies on his YouTube channel, and he eerily looks a lot like Gale, aka Liam Hemsworth. Albeit, with a scene haircut circa 2006.

He's got the movie star look down

Look at that hair swoop! The smoldering eyes! The impeccably hip fashion sense! I could see him being on the big screen very soon.

He has the cutest dog ever

Graceffa is not shy when it comes to posting photos of his beautiful dog, Wolf. The Siberian husky is also super popular with his fans and the subject of some of his most popular videos. Wolf has one blue eye and one black eye and is absolutely most precious puppy ever.

We'll be looking out for you, Joey!