'Scream Queens' & 'AHS: Coven' Have This In Common

If you're as excited for Ryan Murphy's upcoming Fox dramedy Scream Queens as much as I am, you're probably already on your 50th rewatch of the Scream Queens trailer that dropped online Tuesday. It's the longest look at the series that we've been gifted with so far, and, of course, it didn't fail to impress. While a few American Horror Story: Coven similarities were clear from the get-go — the house looked similar, for one — some more subtle similarities are clear after a few watches. For instance: Both shows focus on a group of young women, and both shows feature Emma Roberts starring as a Queen Bee-type character. And while Roberts' Scream Queens character Chanel doesn't have magic powers like Roberts' American Horror Story: Coven character Madison Montgomery did, they're still quite similar in a mixture of other, different ways.

Though it won't be clear exactly how Chanel's character will be until Scream Queens premieres on Fox in fall 2015, the trailer gave us a fairly good idea of what to expect — and after watching it more times that I'd like to admit at this point, the similarities between Chanel and Madison are downright impossible to ignore. For instance...

They're Both Queen Bees

Chanel is the head of her sorority in Scream Queens, and Madison — though she ultimately didn't become Supreme — was without a doubt Queen Bee of Miss Robichaux's Academy.

They've Both Got An Amazing Sense Of Style

Compared to Chanel's pastel and pink wardrobe, Madison's mostly black wardrobe is much edgier — but still, it's undeniable that they both had great style.

They're Both Great With Quips & Puns

"OK, Pissy Spacek," is to Chanel in Scream Queens what "Surprise bitch, bet you thought you'd seen the last of me" is to Madison in Coven.

They Both Don't Take Death Lightly

"If any of you die while protecting a fellow sister, you're allowed to skip the rest of hell week," is an actual line uttered by Chanel in the Scream Queens trailer. Similarly, Madison was literally dead in Coven, and this was the first thing she said upon her resurrection.

They Both Don't Settle For Anything Less Than The Best

Based on the Scream Queens trailer released Tuesday, it doesn't look like Chanel allows anything less than the best to enter her life — just like Madison Montgomery never settled for anything less than the best during Coven. Remember when she literally gave Misty Day a concussion for Stevie Nicks' shawl? #DEDICATION.

They're Both Emma Roberts

I mean. Duh. But still.

They're Both Going To Be The Character You Love To Hate

Though we haven't seen Scream Queens yet, allow me to call it now: Chanel is going to be the baddest bitch on television come fall 2015, in the exact same way Madison Montgomery was when American Horror Story: Coven aired on television in 2013.

Check the trailer below:

Images: Fox; Giphy (7)