9 Things You Used To Do On The Last Day of School

When you’re a little kid, the last day of school is like a non-stop party with your classmates. No more times tables or spelling tests, just soft-serve ice cream cones and lots of time running around the playground. Is it just me, or does that still sound like the perfect day? To be honest, I have no clue what kids do for fun at school these days (do they still play four square and heads up, seven up?), but as a ’90s kid, the last day definitely ruled. In case you’ve forgotten just how awesome it was, this list of throwback things you used to do on the last day of school will make you wish you were 8 years old again.

Whether you’re in elementary, middle, or high school, the start of summer is the highlight of your year, but for younger kids, the last day of class is an event. In high school you take exams and get out of that place as fast as possible to prep for a bonfire or general summer shenanigans. In grade school, teachers plan a day full of so many fun activities that you hardly want to leave at the last bell. So put on your jelly shoes, take a walk down memory lane, and remember all these things you did as a kid on the last day of school.

1. Had a field day

Some schools arranged kickball tournaments and "Olympic" games, others just let kids have recess all day. Either way, field day was full of the most fun kid activities. Red rover + giant parachute = best. day. ever.

2. Went on a field trip

The zoo, a natural history museum, to the park for a picnic... anywhere but school!

3. Played classroom games

Heads up, seven up. Yasss.

4. Ice cream party

Because what teacher doesn't love a classroom full of sugared-up kids on the last day of school?

5. Watched a movie

Not as fun as recess, but a movie was a good consolation prize. I still have fond memories of watching Air Bud on the last day of school.

6. Signed yearbooks

You just had to get all your BFFs' signatures.

7. Emptied lockers and desks

This was always surprisingly fun because of the random things you'd find, like cootie catchers and old notes from friends.

8. Paper fight!

Well, you didn't need to save those old tests and quizzes anymore...

9. Went to the pool

When the school bell rang, the pool was the place to be.

Images: Fort George G. Meade Pu/Flickr; Giphy (9)