When Will 'Bob's Burgers' Season 5 Hit Netflix? These Are The Belcher Family Adventures To Rewatch First

The best TV family on the air right now just happens to be animated. Of course, I'm talking about the Belchers, the proprietors of a struggling restaurant in their seaside town. Bob's Burgers manages to be be both laugh-out-loud funny and decidedly un-cynical. The Belchers love each other; they're a team, no matter what ludicrous situations they get themselves into. Bob and Linda support their kids, encouraging each one's unique brand of weirdness: Tina's pubescent hormonal frenzy; Louise's lust for trouble; and Gene's...well...whatever it is that Gene is into. Fox renewed Bob's Burgers for Season 6, and it'll return in the same Sunday night comedy block it aired in this year. But when will Bob's Burgers Season 5 premiere on Netflix?

Sadly, there's no release date available at this time. Season 4 dropped in October, right before the Season 5 broadcast premiere. It's likely that fans will be waiting all summer to reunite with Bob and his family on that streaming service, though Season 5 is still available on Hulu Plus.

When the show does release its newest episodes on Netflix, there are several highlights to immediately return to. Here are my picks for the six greatest episodes of Bob's Burgers Season 5.

1. "Work Hard Or Die Trying, Girl"

The season kicked off in strong and silly Bob's fashion. The kids starred in dueling productions of school musicals based on the classic films of the '80s, eventually resulting in an inspired, Broadway-worthy mash-up of Die Hard and Working Girl.

2. "Eat, Spray, Linda"

It's Linda's birthday, and Bob and the kids are trying to make it special. But Linda's having a bit of a birthday crisis, so her family spends most of the episode searching for her. Along the way, Bob finds out that Linda shares special traditions with each of her children (including her favorite fancy hotel bathroom for pit stops), which is just one example of how truly sweet this show can be.

3. "Best Burger"

Bob's Burgers enters a cook-off, but prospects look grim when Gene forgets the specialty garlic for his dad's gourmet burger recipe. It's up to the kids to save the day, and the climax of the episode comes when Gene redeems himself by charging through the delicious gauntlet of Wonder Wharf food vendors without getting distracted to deliver the bulb to his parents.

4. "Tina, Tailor, Soldier, Spy"

Despite being the least stealthly person on the planet, the heroic Tina goes undercover in this episode to expose a cookie-selling double agent. Back at home, Linda dyes her hair and bewilders Bob with her re-invigorated sexuality. ("Oh my god.")

5. "Late Afternoon In The Garden Of Bob And Louise"

Bob is hot to get in on some community gardening action, and he compromises his convictions for it. Louise and Linda deal with their mother/son nemeses, while Tina uses the opportunity to mine a real, live teen boy for information.

6. "Housetrap"

One of the things I love the most about Bob's Burgers is Linda's youthful sense of adventure. In "Housetrap," it runs away from her when she becomes convinced that a young widow pushed her husband off their roof and now has her eye on Teddy.

Of course, every episode of Bob's Burgers is a highlight. And there's no sign of the Belchers slowing down anytime soon.

Images: Fox; burgertv, jemzzy, tinarannosaurus (4)/Tumblr