Teacher Arrested For Allegedly Allowing Middle School Students To Have Sex In His Classroom

Out of Georgia this week came some pretty distressing news about a teacher allowing students to have sex in his classroom. According to multiple news stations in the Atlanta area, 25-year-old teacher, Quentin Wright, was allegedly giving his students at The Champion School in Stone Mountain, Georgia free reign of his classroom’s storage unit so they could have sex. Quentin, a math teacher, was not only setting up times with the students so they could use the storage unit as their private romp room, but was also giving them condoms, which, at first, might seem like he’s a good guy by instilling safe sex in his students, but considering he’s the math teacher and these kids were in middle school … yeah, not so much.

It was only after a parent found a series of text messages between her son and Wright regarding condoms and “ya’ll can’t be long,” in which the two were clearly planning a time for the student to have sex, that the truth about the math teacher came out. Wright promptly resigned so as to avoid being fired, but no word on whether or not his teaching days are over yet.

As a sex-positive woman who whole-heartedly believes that the joy of sex is something that should be experienced by everyone, I do think that a line has to be drawn sometimes. One such line is encouraging minors to engage in sex, giving them a space to do it, and providing oneself as a lookout. Yes, teenagers, once old enough to consent, should also be allowed, safely of course, to experiment with sex if they’re ready, any teacher who allows such things to go down in their classroom, may want to look at the reasons why they’re allowing it ― I imagine that reason is way more creepy than just giving kids a place to have safe sex.

The sex education that teens are being offered is an embarrassment, and far too many schools are opting out of teaching sex in favor of the whole abstinence-only hypocrisy that does more damage than good. While I’m all for teenagers, even those under 18, having access to condoms so they can have safe sex, I do not think any teacher, or adult for that matter, shouldn't be in the business of doling out condoms and setting up times and places for these kids to have sex … but maybe I’m old fashioned all of a sudden.

In addition to giving up his job as chief teen sex coordinator at The Champion School, Wright has also been charged with four misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Something tells me he might realize now what a dumbass move it was to let kids hump like rabbits in his storage room.

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