'Batkid Begins' Trailer Is Here & I Wasn't Emotionally Prepared For This

Dammit, who let those invisible onion-chopping ninjas in here? There I was, going about my day, minding my own business, when some cruel person decided to — without warning — release the trailer for the upcoming documentary Batkid Begins . I WASN'T EMOTIONALLY PREPARED FOR THIS, YOU GUYS.

In case you're a person who hates joy and therefore doesn't know who Batkid is, here's a refresher. In 2013, five-year-old superhero fan Miles Scott was battling leukemia when he told the Make-A-Wish foundation his biggest dream: "I wish to be Batkid." So for one day in November of that year, the San Francisco Greater Bay Area was transformed into Gotham, 12,000 volunteers turned out to participate, and Scott got to live his dream for one glorious afternoon. (There may be hope for humanity yet.) He actually got to be Batman, driving around the city and defeating costumed villains like The Riddler and Penguin while the entirety of San Francisco cheered him on.

Now, that story has turned been turned into a documentary film — which from the looks of it will inspire the single greatest amount of tears since McDreamy got T-boned by a semi on Grey's Anatomy. (Too soon?) Julia Roberts is also producing and starring in a feature film adaptation of Scott's life, because making me #uglycry in a dark movie theater once apparently just wasn't enough for her.

In order to explain to you just how tear-inducing this two-and-a-half-minute video is, I went ahead and found some real reactions of people who just watched the Batkid Begins trailer:

"I'm not crying. Who's crying?"

"Look at him pretending to be a superhero. It's just so precious."

"BRB, gotta go sing about my feelings."

*incomprehensible blubbering*

Now that you're officially more emotionally prepared than I was (you're welcome), go ahead and check out that trailer. Batkid Begins premieres June 26, 2015.

(Oh, and Miles Scott is currently in remission — so, yes, the movie has a happy ending.)

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