Chris Pratt Giving Acting Advice While Drunk Is Like 'Parks and Recreation's Andy Dwyer In Everyday Life — VIDEO

When it comes to Chris Pratt, what's not to love? He's hilarious. He makes great films (hello, Guardians of the Galaxy). He starred in Parks and Recreation. He loves Anna Faris immensely. Oh, yeah, he's also easy on the eyes. Well, he just became a million times better. Chris Pratt is GQ 's June cover story, which means a lot of copies are going to be sold. Plus, Pratt gave acting advice while drunk as a video in conjunction with his cover, and that's also going to get GQ a lot of props and score the actor even more fans.

After shooting for GQ, the actor decided to share some tips through his Acting 101 class. Well, it turned out not be a typical class, because Pratt got drunk on Fireball whiskey. As he reveals in the video, "The truth is it's hot as hell — and I'm drunk. I took a lot of shots of Fireball whiskey. So, I'm trying to improv at the top of my head, but the reality is I'm not sharp right now. I'm dull. I am dull."

Pratt sure wasn't lying, because as you watch the video, he offers up some very interesting acting advice. Actually, for my fellow Parks and Recreation fans, you'll notice how much he sounds like his character from the NBC comedy. That's right, Pratt giving acting advice while drunk is like Andy Dwyer in everyday life.

Don't believe me? Here's some proof.

Scenario: "Let's say you forget about your spouses birthday and they confront you about it. Simple, just be honest."

Pratt: "You say, 'That is not your birthday. You were in an accident. You have to trust me. Now get back to bed, your birthday's tomorrow.'"

Andy Dwyer:

Scenario: "Let's say you get pulled over and you have a lot of weed in your glovebox. Simple — do this."Pratt: "Officer, I don't have weed in my glovebox."Andy Dwyer:

Scenario: "If you're playing a parent, and your child asks you where babies come from, you simply tell them the truth."Pratt: "From your mom's butt."Andy Dwyer:

Drunk Pratt = Andy Dwyer. And, if you really are looking for some acting advice, I'll leave you with this from the actor: "Just work out a lot and use sunscreen."

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