La Perla Introduces Men's Lingerie At Their Madison Avenue Flagship Store & It's Exciting For People Of All Genders

La Perla has long been a girl's best friend for underwear, but now, it can be your boyfriend's too! The lingerie brand will officially be expanding into a full men's lingerie department at La Perla's Madison Avenue flagship store. Anyone who knows the difference a well-structured and supportive brassiere can make also knows that La Perla, though insanely expensive, creates a lacy little underwear experience like you've never had before. The craftsmanship, quality, and lifespan of these super expensive unmentionables simply cannot be beat.

While there's sure to be a legion of people hemming and hawing over this new development, balking at the mere idea of the word "lingerie" being applied to anything a man would wear, they obviously haven't seen what La Perla has in store for the men's collection. As someone who has actually touched and experienced these garments first hand, trust me — everyone is going to want a piece of this absolutely drop-dead gorgeous collection.

There are whisper-soft mesh tanks and button-downs, silk boxers and trousers with cummerbund-esque embellishment, and the coziest cashmere tracksuit that I literally want to spend the rest of my life swaddled inside, all available in a neutral palette and traditional prints. Forget those worn-out waistband Jockeys and stained Old Navy sweatpants, and convince every man in your life that this is an investment they will absolutely never regret.

Besides, if you can talk the dude in your life into buying that tracksuit, you automatically get permanent borrowing privileges.