12 Life Lessons Adam Brody Can Learn About Fatherhood From 'The O.C.'s Sandy Cohen, Because He Was Always The Coolest

The O.C. just came full circle. When Adam Brody married Leighton Meester last year, the couple set the Internet on fire by inspiring enough Blair Waldorf/Seth Cohen fan fiction to last The O.C. and Gossip Girl fans a lifetime. Now, Meester is reportedly expecting a baby with Brody, and couple's real-life 'ship continues to fuel fantasies and unite TV fandoms. Of course, while Meester became famous for portraying the Upper East Side's baddest queen Blair Waldorf, Brody became America's hottest nerd when he played Seth Cohen on The O.C. between 2003 and 2007. However, though Seth was cool and everything, the best thing about him was always, without a doubt, his dad Sandy Cohen (played by Peter Gallagher and Peter Gallagher's luscious eyebrows).

Seth was the kid from high school you'd only really hang out with because you wanted to be friends with his parents. It was an unspoken understanding you would have had, had Seth Cohen ever been a real person and your friend. And he probably wouldn't blame you, either — Sandy Cohen is easily one of the coolest, most memorable TV dads of the early '00s. He was, like, someone you would have totally wanted to have a beer with on the patio... had you been of legal age to drink.

Now that Brody is about to become a real-life dad, Sandy Cohen's nuggets of wisdom can definitely help him on his way to being a certified cool dad — or at least, a certified cool TV dad. Brody should look no further than Sandy Cohen's Official Tips For Cool Dads:

Dad Tip #1: Always Make Time For Family:

Family dinners are sacred in the Cohen household.

Dad Tip #2: Keep Up With The Cool Lingo...

Everyone's doing it.

...Even If You Don't Know What Any Of It Means:

At least you tried.

Dad Tip #3: Always Have Bagels:

The family that schmears together, stays together.

Dad Tip #4: Don't be Afraid To Talk About The Tough Stuff...

Your kids will thank you later.

...But Remember To Have Some Fun Once In A While:

It keeps life interesting.

Dad Tip #5: Karaoke Is Essential...

Dads love karaoke.

...So Is A Solid Plan For The Future:

Sandy Cohen knows best.

Dad Tip #6: Sometimes A Healthy Side Of Sarcasm Can Help Get You Through A Tough Day...

Keepin' it sassy.

...The Occasional Sick Burn Helps, Too:


Dad Tip #7: Let Your Kids Know You Think They're Great...

Always give them mad props.

...And Don't Be Shy About Letting Them Know How Much You Care:

Maybe a little uncomfortable, but worth it.

Dad Tip #8: Don't Be Afraid To Embarrass Your Kid Once In A While:

It builds character.

Dad Tip #9: Keep The Romance Alive In Your Marriage...

Let your lady know you noticed her new visor, and you like what you see.

...PDA: Gross, But Necessary:

Cover your eyes, kids.

Dad Tip #10: Drop Some Truth Bombs Every Now And Then...

Actions have consequences.

...Know Thyself...

Nobody's perfect.

...And Cultivate An Arsenal Of Sage Advice:

Sandy Cohen-isms will always be appreciated.

Dad Tip #11: Grow A Pair Of Statement Brows:

Good dads need good eyebrows.

Dad Tip #12: Know How To Take A Good Selfie:

You'll never miss the memories.

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