9 Lovely Yet Practical Tea Drinking Accessories All Tea Lovers Need To Own

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For people who love tea, tea is more than just a warm drink. It’s a comfort; it’s a ritual; it’s practically a religion. I first fell in love with tea while studying abroad in England. There, people offer you tea almost as often as they say “Hello.” It’s everywhere, and they have the best biscuits, and you can go to places like Harrods’s and Fortnum & Mason and get the fanciest, most delicate tea sandwiches and scones, and it’s the BEST. Tea is growing in popularity in the U.S., though many tea purists (ahem, me) will complain that a lot of coffee shops still don’t know how to make it properly, which means we just have to get really good at making our own. Fortunately, making excellent tea requires very little skill, and only a few key supplies.

Click through to see the tea-accessories you need to add to your tea-making supplies ASAP. How many of these items you actually want to have depends on how elaborate you want your tea to be. In my case, sometimes I’m happy to go the easy route with a tea bag in a mug, but, on other occasions, I find nothing more comforting than taking the time to break out a real teapot and the delicate china cups I inherited from my grandmother. It makes the day instantly more awesome.

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