You Don't Need To Go To The Movies On Memorial Day

Memorial Day, as a marker of spring, is typically a day to get outdoors and enjoy the pool or a cookout. That's neither always possible not everyone's cup of tea, which makes this day a popular one for going to the movies. However, here's an idea — what if you watched television on Memorial Day, and skipped the movies altogether?

As someone who writes primarily about the small screen, I know I'm biased. My preferences are no secret. Movies are great, but television is where it's at these days. The characters are more diverse and daring. To borrow a phrase from NBC and Yahoo's Community, television is "streets ahead." Watching television on Memorial Day is sure to be a more satisfying experience in terms of storytelling and general well-being. Parks are swell, but you can have a shared experience with your loved ones indoors too. I'm not promoting laziness. I'm promoting television.

So on Monday, don't run to see Mad Max: Fury Road a second or third time. Tomorrowland and Pitch Perfect 2 aren't going anywhere. Don't let box office numbers control you — you can see those movies at another date and support the movie industry. They key to the perfect Memorial Day is in your living room.

Movie Theaters Are Crowded

Let me tell you a cautionary tale of a girl (it was me) and her friends (they were my friends) who went to see Avengers: Age of Ultron on opening night. We arrived over a half hour early, still couldn't get seats together, and had no cell service in the building, forcing us to communicate like air traffic controllers.

Plus, if you live in a touristy town, just getting to the movies can be a crowd-filled hassle on a holiday weekend. Why bother!

There Are Marathons

Holiday weekends are when television decides to run your binge-watch for you. It's magical. Some of this year's marathons and special events include include The Last Ship, the French Open, How I Met Your Mother, Friends, Southern Charm and Drunk History.

Netflix Is Calling You

Memorial Day comes at the end of the month, and that means some shows and movies will be leaving the 'flix to make room for new content when June busts out all over. Catch these movies before they're gone!

Everyone Is Satisfied

I know we've all been in the dreaded position of trying to decide which movie to watch or which restaurant to go to. The more friends you have weighing in, the more frustrating it can be. However, the wonderful world of television can alleviate that problem. There are not only more choices, but more hours in the day.

Here's an idea — why not round up some friends, and spend the day watching the pilots of the shows you've been promising everyone you'd finally get around to checking out? Everyone can contribute a suggestion.

The Food Is Better

If you're fortunate enough to have a grill, you can combine both Memorial Day traditions and bring your barbecued goods indoors. If not, there are plenty of other fun snacks you can make that will be a thousand times tastier than icees and stale popcorn (not that I haven't happily had that for dinner before — no disrespect). Definitely check out/subscribe to the Bustle Youtube page for more ideas like this one!

Might I Suggest A Web Series

If you're fancy and can hook up your television to Youtube with an app or a box of some sort, good on you! If not, there's no shame in staring at a laptop. A web series binge is a great way to spend an afternoon and have plenty of time and opportunity for social and snack breaks. Some of my personal favorites include The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, the original Broad City, The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl, Frankenstein M.D., Pursuit of Sexiness, The Guild, Carmilla and The New Adventures of Peter + Wendy.

Summer is Coming

...and so are summer shows. Memorial Day is the time to catch up/recap what's coming.

Save Your Cash

Look, I shouldn't need to tell you how ridiculous the price of a movie ticket has gotten over the last couple of years. Don't break the bank if you don't really want to see a movie that's in theaters right now. Unless you're home and you have family members who like to treat you to the movies. In that case, forget everything I just said.

There's Booze

Look, I don't know your life. Maybe you have a movie theater that serves alcohol. Maybe you're very resourceful at getting it in by other means. Still, it's a heck of a lot easier to drink in front of the television. Why not get creative with your beverages at home?

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