Taraji P. Henson's New Natural Hair Look Is Giving Me Real Janet Jackson Vibes (Circa Velvet Rope)

Have you ever seen one celebrity and then had to do a double take because you definitely thought it was another celebrity? Well, Taraji P. Henson's new natural hair is doing that to me right now, and making my mind think it's seeing Janet Jackson. The star of Empire has totally taken over the scene, and this new hair change is totally welcome.

Like everyone else, Henson turned to Instagram to show off her new 'do, and, boy, it looks good. The wild curls have a mix of blonde and brown that does wonders for Henson's eyes and complexion. And for me, it's the first time I've seen Henson with natural hair — although I can't tell if it's her hair or "her" hair (no shade). Her glam squad has been putting in work to keep it looking it's best, because Henson has been putting in work at the gym. Is all of this for Empire's Season 2? Is Cookie going to shock us all by walking in with crazy curly hair, because I wouldn't put it past her.

Although I have plenty of questions about Cookie's next fashion move, I have a ton more questions about Henson's inspiration. She captioned the shot with a few hashtags that say more than I'm sure she expected. "Givin a lil #JJ #JanetJackson #VelvetRope," Henson wrote.

And if you're unfamiliar with Janet Jackson, let me school you on something real quick. Henson's curls are so so similar to the ones Jackson showed off for the cover of her sixth studio album, that I can't help but wonder if it's a sign. A sign of what, I'm not exactly sure, but it must mean something. People don't just go #JanetJackson without a purpose.

Images: Virgin Records