'Bachelorette' Men Ranked By Hometown Population

If we’ve learned anything since the Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor, it’s that the hometown size can play a huge factor in the final outcome of the show. Last season we dealt with the struggle of living in Arlington, Iowa, so I decided to check out where the current Bachelorette contestants on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season hail from. While many of them are from major cities, there are a few — and one in particular — that live in very tiny towns. Luckily none of them are in the Arlington, Iowa population range of 400, because Kaitlyn's already been there, didn't want to do that.

On the premiere of The Bachelorette , we met all the men, said good-bye to Britt and said good-bye to a few guys who just couldn’t seal the deal with our new Bachelorette. By the way, in case you were wondering, there was one guy from Canada, where Kaitlyn lives, but Kaitlyn already sent him home. It was none other than hot tub car guy. Of course, because only a random Canadian dude would roll up in a hot tub car. Anyways, we are down to 20 guys from all over the country.

So, how much does location really affect Bachelor couples though? Well, the couples that are still together moved to the same location. For example, Trista headed out to Colorado for Ryan and the couple is the longest lasting relationship in the show’s history. Chris Siegfried moved to Seattle to be with Desiree Hartsock and Catherine Giudici moved to Texas for Sean Lowe. So the answer? It matters a lot. Here are the populations from the remaining men’s hometowns based off the 2013 census bureau.

Corey - New York, NY (Population: 8,405,837)

Kaitlyn should be excited to move to New York. It’s the best, even though I’m biased.

Ian - Los Angeles, CA (Population: 3,884,307)

To be honest, Kaitlyn may just want to move to LA anyways and there’s tons of dancing opportunities.

Clint - Chicago, IL (Population: 2,719,782)

There’s pizza in Chicago and Garrett’s popcorn and great people. I’ve never met anyone who was not a fan of Chicago.

Nick Viall - Chicago, IL (Population: 2,719,782)

Another windy city citizen here!

Ben Z. - San Jose, CA (Population: 998,537)

All I know about San Jose is that it’s close to Palo Alto, which means she would be close to some sexy tech guys. #TheDream

Jonathan - Detroit, MI (Population: 688,701)

Isn’t Detroit bankrupt? Like the whole city is in debt.

Chris "Cupcake" - Nashville, TN (Population: 658,602)

Good music and cute dentists. Definitely a possibility.

Daniel - Nashville, TN (Population: 658,602)

Did we mention the music? Also, Daniel has cool facial hair, so did Brady (also from Nashville), so maybe that’s a thing there.

Ben H. - Denver, CO (Population: 649,495)

If I wasn’t in New York or Los Angeles, I would be in Denver. Denver is literally the best place in the world.

JJ - Denver, CO (Population: 649,495)

No really, Kaitlyn, go to Denver.

Kupah - Boston, MA (Population: 645,966)

I feel as though really cool people live in Boston. You have to be awesome to live there.

Tanner - Kansas City, MO (Population: 467,007)

We are getting to the lower populated areas. It’s always annoyed me that Kansas City is in Missouri and not Kansas.

Tony - St. Louis, MO (Population: 318,416)

The Gateway Arch looks pretty neat. That’s all I got.

Justin - Naperville, IL (Population: 144,864)

I knew a girl from Naperville... She moved.

Cory - Pearland, TX (Population: 100,065)

At least it’s close to Houston? Too bad it’s far from Austin, because Austin is the best part of Texas.

Jared - Warwick, RI (Population: 81,971)

So according to Trip Advisor the #1 thing to do in Warwick is go to the public library. Awesome.

Ryan B - Wellington, FL (Population: 60,202)

Wellington is basically right next door to West Palm Beach. So, if Ryan wins at least Kaitlyn could hit the beach every day.

Joshua - Kuna, ID (Population: 16,532)

I don’t even know what someone does in the most populated city in Idaho, but Joshua did make Kaitlyn a pretty sweet steel rose.

Shawn B - Windsor Locks, CT (Population: 12,573)

Okay, between 2012 and 2013 the town grew by a whopping 20 people, but in Windsor Locks defense, it’s 18 minutes away from Hartford and Hartford is absolutely beautiful.

Joe - Columbia, KY (Population: 4,510)

Finally…Joe. Joe lives in a place with 4,509 other people and that’s pretty much the size of my high school. If he’s planning on staying there, I would assume Kaitlyn probably wouldn't be down to move there.

But, of course, Kaitlyn shouldn't let hometown size sway her decision. She could always just make the guy she picks move to Canada.

Images: ABC/Matt Petit; ABC/Craig Sjodin (19); imgur