You Need BITE Beauty's Custom Lipstick

by Candace Bryan

Earlier this year, Canadian brand BITE Beauty launched a pop-up shop in New York City where women could have custom lipstick made for them. Now, due to the incredible success of the experiment, they've opened up a permanent "Lip Lab" where customized lip colors can be mixed for the small sum of about $36. I own not-customized lipsticks that cost more than that!

But it's not merely the cost efficiency that makes BITE's new store appealing: Customized makeup is a genius idea. Even though the options of brands and colors at Sephora are seemingly infinite, when you consider the diversity of skin tones and style preferences that exist among makeup-wearers, you begin to wonder why all makeup isn't bespoke.

Kathleen Hou at The Cut explains that you can ask for mixes "based on e-mailed photographs, articles of clothing, discontinued-and-missed shades, and of course, you." That means you request a shade that will carry you through all seasons, or one that will perfectly complement a certain dress. The "artists" then blend myriad colors together right in the store, pour the results in a lipstick mold, freeze the concoction for ten minutes, and voilà! You have the perfect lipstick.

It's simple, affordable, and an innovation that could seriously (hopefully) change the beauty industry.

The shop is located in SoHo, but if you won't be in New York anytime soon, you're still in luck. BITE takes custom requests by phone and email. (646-484-6111 and

Um, hello, holiday list.