'Pretty Little Liars' Season 6 Spoilers From Lucy Hale Hint That Aria Might Have Big Secrets

Congratulations, PLL fan, you've made it this far through the break between the Season 5 finale and the Pretty Little Liars Season 6 premiere on June 2. And, unsurprisingly, Aria herself — Lucy Hale — is excited for you. Because Season 6 is going to be something fans have never seen before. "For the first time in our show we’re doing a significant time-jump," Hale says about the major PLL Season 6 plot spoiler that's been teased since late Season 5. So, what does that mean for Hale's Aria and the rest of the Liars? And what does the PLL star think about fans' Aria is A on PLL theories?

If Aria is your favorite Liar, you've probably had to field plenty of questions from other fans about the popular theory that Aria could be A or on the A-team. And it's probably driven you nuts — for Hale, however, that's what's kept things very interesting for her over the past five seasons. "Things are always changing," the actress says, "and the characters that you think are on the good side are actually working on the bad side of things." While Hale doesn't specifically say that we'll see a darker side of Aria in Season 6, she does confirm that we're going to see more.

"Playing Aria has really been fun," Hale says, "I think that there’s a lot more to her that will be exposed in the coming seasons." I know all of my fellow PLL fans out there are looking at Hale's choice of the word "exposed" and freaking out. Does that mean that Aria's been hiding something? Does it also mean that fans and the rest of the Liars will learn something that Aria doesn't necessarily want them to know? Hale doesn't elaborate on what exactly what will be revealed about Aria, but she sets a timeframe for the upcoming time-jump. "You get to see Aria in her early twenties and — I can’t say exactly how far we’re going — but it is significant," she tells Bustle, "and you get to see how their lives have changed."

Hale also teases the possibility of a world without the ever-present A. "You'll see if they’re still dealing with the same issues and if A is still around," she says about our favorite Liars after the highly anticipated time-jump. However, as excited as you are to see where I Marlene King leaves our Liars after this huge Season 6 change, Hale might actually be more excited than you — she tells Bustle, "Hopefully it’ll be a new side of the show that you’ve never seen before. I’m really looking forward to filming those episodes."

Fine — PLL fans might be even more excited to actually see them (I know I am). But Hale's mini-spoilers introduce a very important question that, in the wake of the Big A Reveal in the Season 5 finale, we might not have thought about before — what if there was no more A? I mean, that'd be truly CRAZY, right? Unless there's another villain coming — if the A mystery is solved, could that mean that Uber A or Black Veil could return to stir up trouble? Either way, we're probably NOT ready for what Pretty Little Liars Season 6 has in store. For more theories and spoilers, check out Bustle's Pretty Little Liars podcast below.

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