Did Max's Dad Hurt Bird On 'Finding Carter'?

Max may be one of Finding Carter fans' absolute favorite characters, but the truth is, we really don't know too much about his past, or anything that happened before he followed best friend/ex-girlfriend Carter to her new life with the Wilson family. However, last Tuesday's episode "Riptide" changed that, and once again our hearts broke for our Finding Carter bae when Carter's BFF from her "Lori life," Madison, accidentally spilled the beans on Max's big secret, and it was pretty much the most devastating thing ever. It turns out that Max's father attacked his mother with a knife when he was just a little kid, and Max witnessed the entire thing while hiding in a pantry from his violent father. Max's story gave us some insight into why he forgave Crash (he didn't want to end up bitter and angry like his mother was after her near-fatal attack), but it also opened up one very dark possibility — was Max's father the person who attacked Bird?

Before I jump into this theory, let's backtrack to Season 1. Early in Finding Carter's run, Bird confided in Carter that she was attacked in her home. Very little details about the attack were given, save for two very important things: the man who attacked her was wearing a mask, and the attack changed Bird's sense of safety forever. Bird even admitted to Carter that the "melting face" portrait that she drew of her friend was actually supposed to be a self-portrait, but she didn't feel comfortable talking about the trauma with the entire world.

We haven't learned much else about Bird's dark past, and for all fans know, we could never hear more about it. But while we don't have much of a reason to connect the two incidents yet, something about Max's story does give me pause. The attacks seem so similar in nature that it seems odd for the show to introduce both of them without a reason. There's definitely a possibility for a connection between these two seemingly separate events — like, say, that it was Max's own dad who attacked his now-roommate Bird.

It's not completely outside the realm of possibility — heck, it wouldn't even be the biggest Finding Carter coincidence. (Remember the whole egg donor/David's mistress connection?) We know that Max lived only a few hours away from Bird's home, and that at least part of why his dad attacked his mom was because he was addicted to drugs and desperate for money. If Max's dad continued to break into homes searching for money, it wouldn't be surprising if he also burglarized Bird's house, as Finding Carter has made it clear numerous times that her family is extremely wealthy.

There's plenty of material for the writers to work with that could connect Bird's attack to this new information about Max's past, and this link is hardly the craziest possibility. After all, we can't harp on the Lori drama forever — this could become the new mystery our favorite Finding Carter characters have to unravel.

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