'Pretty Little Liars' Charles & Bethany Clues Fill "Grave New World," So Let's Investigate Each One

As any devoted fan knows, Pretty Little Liars' Halloween episodes really amp up the show's game — and I'm not just talking about the scare factor. One Halloween episode proved to be a real turning point for the series, re-introducing us to a character the Liars thought was dead for years. Alison DiLaurentis returned from "the dead" in the Season 4 Halloween episode "A Grave New World," and it was the jaw-dropping moment that Pretty Little Liars fans were waiting for. But just because Ali has been back in Rosewood for an entire season doesn't mean that there isn't any new information to gather from the episode that changed the game forever. In fact, "Grave New World" still holds many clues about A and the overall mystery that may prove to be extremely useful for unraveling Charles in Season 6 — all it takes is another look at this episode.

For those of you who need brushing up on your Halloween specials, "Grave New World" is the one from Season 4 that crossed over with the short-lived Pretty Little Liars spinoff Ravenswood. It has the girls exploring the haunted town in order to find Alison (whom they now believe is alive) before A has the chance to hurt her. Though the episode came out almost a year and a half before the big reveal that Charles was A, it does give us a few hints about the pieces of the mystery that are yet to come. Here are the little clues we missed the first time around that only make sense after finishing Season 5.

This Story Could Be About Bethany

It's interesting that the writers would include this line about the "scary story" Ali tells Hanna in the very first Halloween episode "The First Secret," especially because that same little girl seemingly appears in the second Halloween episode "This Is A Dark Ride." The story was brought up several times before Season 5, but it only started to make sense to me after it was revealed that Bethany was the girl in Ali's grave. Was Bethany the girl who was sent to Radley for stabbing her sister?

This Is Likely Charles & Not Ezra

We know that Ezra was wearing a soldier costume, which is why many fans assumed that it was him under the gas mask that was stalking the girls. However, we never actually see Ezra put on or take off that mask, and in the Season 5 finale "Welcome To The Dollhouse," Charles gives Mona a gas mask. This suggests that it was likely Charles who the camera cut to in the mask and not Ezra, even though they were both in Ravenswood.

This Song Is A Major Clue To Charles

If you consider that A is likely the person in the World War II soldier mask, this song becomes a clear message that A is in the costume. That's not the only thing we can take away from this tune. Drop the last word and the title is "I didn't raise my boy to be A." Could it hint that it was the way A was raised that led him down the A path? We already know Mrs. DiLaurentis didn't exactly raise the most moral children...

This Voice Might Not Be Ali's

While trapped in the Ravenswood house, the girls hear a voice that sounds like Ali's, saying things like "You can't keep me here," "He's going to kill me!" and "My friends know I'm here." It's later revealed to be a recording, but what if the voice wasn't Ali's at all? What if it was another girl that Charles trapped in his dollhouse to be his perfect "Ali doll"? In fact, it wouldn't make much sense for the voice to be Ali's — we know that she has been on the run from A for years, but also that A has never caught up to her.

Did A Steal Ms. Grunwald's Tape?

The tape with the voice that the girls heard belonged to psychic Ms. Grunwald and was one of her "sessions" with the other side, but six months earlier, it was stolen — which was right around the time that A stole the game away from Mona. Could Charles have stolen the tape because he knew that it was the voice of someone he kept in the dollhouse?

The pieces are all there, now it's time to put them together. Season 6 can't come soon enough and help us turn all of these little clues into the complete answer we've been looking for.

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