6 Reasons Everyone Should Date A Musician At Least Once, Because Music Is The Ultimate Form Of Expression

Like hiking the Grand Canyon, visiting Paris, or eating truffle mac n’ cheese, is something every woman should do once. Musicians hold an intoxicating sense of allure. From Mozart to Elvis to the unknown guy in the garage band, musicians have been making people swoon since the dawn of time. Is there some inherent magical power in the way they strum their guitars? Pound the crap out of their drums? Is it the unabashed confidence and swagger? Their creative energy and disdain for authority? Honestly, I have no idea. Probably all of the above.

Though there are some risks that come with dating a musician — the groupies who want to steal yo man or woman, the long-distance relationships that result from being on tour, and the late night hours—there are plenty of upsides as well. After all a music is the ultimate form of expression. , make you want to sing when you’re in love, and help you when you’re getting ready to go out. Dating someone who creates the tunes we live by is exciting and romantic. In fact, I’d venture to say the pros outweigh the cons. Here are five reasons dating a musician is awesome.

1. They Will Serenade You


Forget about what’s his face with the boombox in Say Anything. A musician will actually write and sing you the song. “Layla”, “Rosanna”, “Sweet Child O’Mine” and of course “In Your Eyes”. Any of those sound familiar? They were penned by men madly in love with their ladies. Now that’s romance.

2. They Have Stamina


Whether it’s because they’re a drummer with excellent rhythm, a guitarist with Olympic-like levels of finger skills, or the lead singer who can captivate an audience, all of them must be able to do those things for hours on end. According to a study done by Chichester University, the is equal (if not higher) than a football player. You do the math.

3. They’re Sensitive


Musicians may have a reputation for debauchery and bad-assery, but they’re actually quite sensitive. Only someone so tuned into their emotions could write songs about every conceivable human condition.

4. They’re Happy


Kurt Cobain and other tortured souls aside, most singers are pretty happy and relaxed. At least that’s what the scientists tell me. According to some studies, and pump your oxytocin.

5. They’re Passionate


If you don’t believe me, just watch Walk the Line and tell me that Johnny Cash isn’t a giant ball of passion. Musicians feel everything intensely. And that translates to both your relationship and the bedroom.

6. You'll Probably Have A "Skin Orgasm"


Yes, — and they happen when you're listening to powerful music. And what's more powerful than music made by the one you love?

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