13 Old Pictures Of Mary Kate & Ashley That Prove They Were Destined To Win A CFDA Award Someday

If you would have told my six-year-old, Full House-watching self that I would see the Olsen twins nominated for two 2015 CFDA Awards, well, I probably would have asked you what that was. Then I'd say, "DUH." While it's now extremely normal to know Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as multi-Council of Fashion Designers of America award winners for their fashion and accessory deigning prowess, they will always be The Trenchcoat Twins (who can solve any crime by dinnertime) to me. Their fashion and beauty empire, under banners The Row and Elizabeth and James, is likely going to be a huge part of their legacy, but it shouldn't come as any surprise to fans of their entertainment career who have been paying attention this whole time: The Olsens have totally always been fashion icon material.

From their early days on Full House to their teenage sitcoms Two Of A Kind and So Little Time, it's been obvious and more than plausible that they'd go on to achieve sartorial greatness. OK, well, maybe not super obvious — but I would consider my choice to style my seventh grade wardrobe and beauty looks heavily after their influence a sign that I had an eye for the sartorial upswing that the twins were on. Watching their style evolve and metamorphose as they matured and grew into fashion icons and street style darlings, being unafraid of trends and styles that weren't necessarily "cute" or "flattering," was a huge part of a whole generation's style evolution, too.

When the duo started designing, it felt so incredibly validating — and when they won their first Council of Fashion Designers of America award, it just felt like, "Of course!"

Here are 13 times throughout their careers in which Mary-Kate and Ashley showed their potential for fashion greatness and should have had us seeing this recognition coming all along:

1. When One Of Them Wore This Crop Top Co-ord Set

So on-trend and baby body positive.

2. When They Rocked Matching Trenches And Sneakers

I'm calling this as the inspiration for athleisure/the fashion sneaker trend.

3. When They Wore Chokers And Headbands

Please tell me this was not your summer 2001 style inspo. You can't.

4. When They Refused To Shy Away From A Single '90s Trend

No trend was too big for these pint-sized fashionistas.

5. This Time They Nailed Slip Dresses And Butterfly Clips

Do you think it's a coincidence that hair baubles and '90s slip dresses are back this year?

6. That Time They Dressed Exactly Like You Do Now

Fashionable anorak parkas and plaid button-downs are practically the spring uniform of IG-famous babes.

7. When They Showed The World That Their Style Was Becoming More Chic

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Their looks at the New York Minute premiere marked a notable change in the duo's style and showed a break from their previous matchy-matchy ethos.

8. When Their Style Got More Grunge-y

Raise your hand if you also wore band tees and slouchy beanies in the mid '00s because of The Olsens. Don't forget the perfectly chipped red nails!

9. When They Started To Wear All Black Everything

Now a signature of the twins' aesthetic (and their 2015 Met Gala look), they started dropping color and going with neutrals.

10. When Mary-Kate Made Oversize So Chic

Scarves, bags, caftans, sunglasses: When it comes to fashion, MK taught us that bigger definitely is better.

11. When They Started Sitting Front Row At Couture Shows

Front row at Chanel means that you've officially made it.

12. When Even Their Casual Style Looked So Editorial

Just stepping out and looking like you belong on magazine pages and also, weirdly enough, comfortable? Winning at the fashion game.

13. When They Hung Out With Anna Wintour

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When you hang with The Queen, you're royalty by default.

Good luck at the 2015 CFDA awards, Olsens. I've always been rooting for you!

Images: Getty Images(3); Giphy(1); Variety, WillGundy, RedHairSwag, awardshowstyle, hellomag, bustle, xxmantra, Ostreetstyles, MsJillianJacks/Twitter(9)