Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Win At Instagram

Some couples overdo it with PDA on the red carpet or gushy posts online about how in love they are — to the point where it's a bit nauseating. Other couples choose to joke around with each other, which is way more adorable. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds fall into the latter category. The two are relatively new to the social media scene and don't post all the time, but when they do, it's always amazing. Case in point? Recently Ryan Reynolds shared a picture to Instagram and Blake Lively had the best comeback.

Here's what happened: Reynolds posted a picture of himself doing a stunt on a motorcycle with his hands in the air. The caption?

Don't try this at home. Particularly, in the living room.

When you first look at the photo, he seems like quite the dare devil. But his wife was quick to call his bluff, sharing a silly photo of him riding a motorcycle... at home... in the living room. Her witty response:

...Because he already tried!! @vancityreynolds just posted some great advice, but he forgot to mention one small detail. #Hypocrite #I'dGive$70dollarsColdHardCashToWhoeverCouldResistHim #TooInLike

It's great to see they both have a sense of humor and can tease each other. But at the end of the day, as the hashtags suggest, she can't resist him. Who knew "hypocrite" could be a term of endearment? This is almost as perfect as the time Ryan Reynolds photoshopped their faces onto Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. That was hands-down their best couple moment.

Here's Ryan's original motorcycle photo:

(Side note: Who took this picture? Someone driving by, or was he just parked in the middle of the street? If so, that makes it slightly less adventurous.)

And here's Blake's sassy-slash-precious response:

Was this actually taken in the Reynolds' living room? If so, I love all of the typewriters in the background. I could totally see this fitting into a home decor piece on Blake's site, Preserve.

It's awesome that they don't take themselves too seriously. Please never change, Blake and Ryan! Never change.