Which 'Full House' Father Knew Best?

In classic family sitcom form, Full House had life lessons galore. From driving in cars with boys you don't know to making good grades in school, each episode taught not only the Tanner girls about love and loss, but gave a little something extra to the viewers too. These lessons make for some great plot material on the show, and they are often followed with little pieces of advice that are surprisingly helpful in our day-to-day lives. And as the main parental figures in the show, no one gave more advice than Uncle Jesse & Danny Tanner.

As the classic TV father figure, Danny was the shining example of how to raise three young girls as a single parent. From his undeniable quirkiness to his undying good spirit, he taught the Tanner girls well — although he did have some help from Joey and Uncle Jesse. While Danny was great at giving heartfelt advice (and lectures on house cleanliness), sometimes his methods weren't always the best for the girls. Thus, it's no surprise that, sometimes, instead of taking advice from their dorky dad, they would turn to their cool uncle, Jesse.

While every problem would be solved in the end, the way the girls would come to the resolution depended dramatically on who they asked for help. At the end of the day though, their hearts were in the exact same place.

Image: ABC; Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle