5 Reasons The #Mantie Trend Is Quite Body Pos

Men copy female trends all the time, and there's nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, however, that means men can feel the same sort of pressure most women do to look a certain way — especially when it comes to stripping down. With pressure on both sexes to have an ideal body type, the #Manties Instagram trend quickly transformed into a way for men to show off their bodies. That's when the body positive manties pics (photos of guys in just their underwear, that is) came in to save the day.

Showing up across newsfeeds everywhere, #manties is the male take on the female panties. The hashtag carries with it half naked selfies and group photo shoots that give a new take on the manliness of social media. The manties come in all shapes and sizes and have the ability to spice up any newsfeed in seconds. From color thongs to classic boxer briefs, there are as many different ways to style the trend as there are men wearing them.

The majority of the hashtagged photos are of men showing off their chiseled bods and large, err, accessories. However, it's not just twenty-something dudes with six packs posting the pics; guys of all shapes, sizes, and ages are getting in on the chance to show off their skivvies. Every body is worth celebrating, even if it's with a silly Instagram hashtag. Here are some ways the #Manties trend is making strides towards body positivity.

#Manties has inspired men to try new looks

Others are taking their trend public

#Manties can spice up the normal selfie

Or just brings men together

These men aren't changing anything about themselves for the trend

And that's what makes it awesome.