Guys Try Boob Contouring Video By BuzzFeed Depicts What A Crazy Process The Whole Thing Is

Contouring is an art. The perfect balance of painting and makeup technique, boob contouring is a skill that not just anyone can pick up. From celebrity photo shoots to girls just trying to have a good night out, this makeup trend can make all the difference. But what happens when guys try boob contouring? Well, BuzzFeed found that it's not pretty, but they sure gave it one heck of a try.

From choosing the right shades of foundation and bronzer to choosing the size and shape of their boobs, these guys had a rocky start. They began their journey to bigger boobs in a place that many women also do: looking at makeup tutorials. Fortunately they had the help of BuzzFeed to choose the best makeup tutorials for them.

Once the guys choose their foundation colors (a trial and error/guessing game) they dove right in to their boob transformation. All the excitement slowly started to fade when they realized just how hard it is to contour. Questioning every step throughout the process, the guys slowly started to see a side of themselves that they had never seen before.

All in all, the project seemed more like an at-home finger painting contest than boob contouring. That is, until the professional came in to save the day.

BuzzFeedVideo on YouTube

The guys tried their best to choose their winning colors

"Ivory? Yeah, I think I'm like an elephant."

But that clearly didn't go over so well...

"Does it look like boobs yet? Nope."

Shape was an issue for some

"They're different sizes, but that's accurate!"

And blending was an issue for others

"It looks like blood and poop."

Their end results weren't the greatest

"It's using shadow and light! Contouring was invented in the Renaissance."

Until the professional swopped in to save the day.


Images: BuzzFeed/YouTube