Couples Swap Phones And Go Through Each Other's History, And It Shows That People Are More Trustworthy Than You'd Think

In TV shows, going through your significant other's phone history inevitably ends in heartache, but what happens if couples swap phones and go through each other's history in real life? According to Elite Daily's video, the revelations are less "three mistresses and snorting mountains of cocaine" and more of the "why were you Googling Linkin Park lyrics?" variety. In the video, Elite Daily gathered several couples together and asked them to go through each others history. Unsurprisingly, most weren't particularly enthusiastic about the task. "Okay, I might not — well, if you want we can do it," stammers one participant, presumably realizing halfway through his sentence that not doing the video is akin to admission of guilt. "I don't really like doing this," grimaces another.In the end, though, there were no huge secrets waiting to be revealed. The guy who was initially nervous about swapping phones didn't have any incriminating search histories; the raciest his phone history got was searching the New Pornographers. The only time anyone is forced to backpedal is when one woman finds the aforementioned Linkin Park lyrics search, which is totally embarrassing but not exactly cause for alarm.

On the other hand, the lack of scandalous histories is made up for with some seriously weird Googling. We've all looked up weird stuff before, but that doesn't make these couples' searches any less hilarious. "I have crushes on 100 percent of old men," reads one man's history, while another man apparently looked up "black people with red hair."

If there's a lesson to be learned here, it's that no matter how dramatic the lives of characters on TV may be, people are giant dorks in real life. Check out the video below:

Elite Daily on YouTube

Images: Fotolia; Elite Daily/YouTube