John Oliver Gifts Us With The 'Last Week Tonight' Graphics That Didn't Make The Cut As A Memorial Day Treat

Like any other American, or non-American person living in America, John Oliver took this past Sunday off for the Memorial Day weekend. However, because he's a certified saint, Oliver didn't leave us completely hanging. He and his team filmed an interim segment, and it was just as brilliant and hysterical as his normal episodes. For his Memorial Day interim segment, Oliver showed Last Week Tonight graphics that never aired, from Paul Giamatti dressed as a mango to a blind bunny rabbit. Some of these never-before-seen graphics are just as funny, if not more riotous, than the stuff that did make the cut.

If you're a Last Week Tonight fan, then you're probably already familiar with the utterly ridiculous, but surprisingly astute images that Oliver's team crafts for each episode. These can be Photoshopped pictures of, say, a chicken's Tinder profile, or Charles Manson as a delivery person, or just a picture of Colin Farrell. But sometimes his team creates images that don't end up being aired for a number of reasons, either the segment was too long or the joke didn't end up working, but either way, the leftover stock of random, Photoshopped images makes for a great joke in and of itself. So, behold, the lost graphics of Last Week Tonight.

Oliver opens his show with a classic self-deprecating joke.

Hello there, I'm John Oliver, host of Last Week Tonight, your best chance to watch a man in a suit be secretly sad on the inside every Sunday night now that Mad Men has concluded.

Then goes right into the lost images, which he tries to present with as little context as possible. The first one:

John Oliver Being Mad At Joe Pantoliano For Eating His Onion Rings At A Sonic

I have genuinely absolutely no memory of what that joke was.

Panda King

An image as striking as it is completely meaningless.

A Snake Eating Its Own Tail

Who knows what is happening here? But look at his extremely excited eye. This might very well be a picture of an extremely lonely snake, or one that's been taking yoga classes and gone a little bit curious.

A Blind Bunny Rabbit

Again, I don't know what the joke was, but I cannot believe we didn't give him a tiny little seeing-eye puppy, and if we did, that joke would have been on the show.

A Whale With A Toupee

Otherwise known as a Piven of the sea, or, indeed, an aqua-Trump.

A Magazine Called Cockfighting Aficionado

I don't know, I don't know. Make up your own context.

Kid Rock Driving A Monster Truck Through The Side Of A Dairy Queen

Which we had to make in Photoshop, even though it really seems like the kind of image that should already have existed in real life. You know, much like "Shia LaBeouf playing the pan flute" or "Matthew McConaughey skateboard trick."

Oliver then reveals that many of the images have staff or their family members in them. For example?

A Producer Driving In A Car With A Sex Doll

One Of The Editors Taking A Shit In Someone's Front Yard

The Son Of A Producer Who Has Been Cut Multiple Times

Which is extremely uncomfortable because it's hard to look a toddler in the eye and tell him, "You're cute, kid. You're just not TV cute."

And finally, there was a picture "so discomforting that we could not justify displaying it on television."

A Picture Of John Oliver's Head In The Middle Of Getting A Mohawk

Which, of course, has required computer effects because my real-life hair is unmohawkable. I'm really, to be honest, qualified for this haircut, which I call "The Business Judi Dench."

Watch the entire segment below:

LastWeekTonight on YouTube

Images: Last Week Tonight With John Oliver/YouTube