7 Frida Kahlo Inspired Clothes And Accessories That Will Serve As The Perfect Base For Your Summer Wardrobe

Summer 2015 is the summer of Frida. Recently, Harper’s Bazaar highlighted Frida Kahlo’s most iconic photos to celebrate the artist and the three exhibitions that will showcase her work this summer. Between the photos and her wardrobe that was released to the public after 50 years of being kept away, it’s clear that Frida Kahlo is the woman you need to channel when it comes to your summer wardrobe. Frida Kahlo was not only an extremely talented artist, but she was also a huge source of inspiration when it comes to fashion.

The artist is most likely remembered for her strong brow line and flower crown (as she should be), but she also was known to wear bold colors, mix and match patterns, and wear a statement lip. See why she’s the perfect style icon? Any woman who can go bold when it comes to colors and print is winning in my book.

In order to achieve Kahlo’s look this season, there’s a few key rules you must follow. But, they’re totally doable today because 50 years later, this woman’s style still kills. She was timeless, obviously.

So take notes on how to achieve this icon’s look, and then visit any of her three art exhibits this summer: Frida Kahlo: Art, Garden, Life; Mirror, Mirror; Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo in Detroit. Because, let me assure you, you won’t be able to get enough of her this season.

1. Wear A Flower Crown Braid

Frida Kahlo pulls off this 'do like no other. Check out this tutorial to get the look for yourself. Although the tutorial uses fake flowers, fresh ones are definitely the more authentic option.

2. Pull Out Your Statement Jewelry

Not only did she wear a big statement necklace, she'd also pair it with equally attention-grabbing earrings. Don't be afraid to wear bold pieces together!

3. Mix Patterns

Kahlo wasn't afraid to mix and match patterns and colors and you don't have to be, either.

4. Have A Strong Brow Line

No one can forget Kahlo's most prominent feature — her brow line. See how you can get a defined brow look for yourself.

5. Wear A Bright Lip Color

When it comes to recreating Kahlo's fashion, go big or go home! Don't hesitate to slap a bright red/orange color on those lips to complete your ensemble.

6. Pair Everything With A Maxi Skirt

She could always be found in long, flowing skirts. So, when pulling off your best Frida Kahlo, a maxi is your best bet.

7. Rock A Middle Part

A girl's got to change it up a little. You can't always wear a flower crown braid. And when you don't, try out this sophisticated bun for an elegant updo. Don't be shy about that middle part, either!